Mobile Mini Golf 99

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Mini Golf for our Nokia 5800.

You can choose your own player. Choose the one that suit yourself. = )

Beside that, you can choose your path as well. There was designed paths in forests, beaches and even in your garden!!

Have fun.

Download if here. Mini Golf

Mobile Texas Hold’em Poker

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Nowadays I no more playing Texas Hold’em poker on facebook as I can easily play it on my mobile phone.

There is few modes for you to choose. I personally prefer to play the Career mode as it is more challenging and you can earn your money step by steps.

One tip from me is if you had bad cards, can try to bluff with ALL IN as most of the time, other players will fold.. hehe

You can download it for free at Ovi Store.
Texas Hold’em Poker

Opera Mobile 10 – Amongs the best

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Opera Mobile 10 are among the best browser for our mobile device.

It really focuses on enhancing the browsing experience on our mobile. They fixed the drawback and give new good features.

History Startup Page

Full displayed web page for MyNokia5800 page.

Nice setting pop-up menu.

Very handy virtual keyboard

Plenty of customization configuration available.

Multiple tabs support

Able to select text on the web page browsed. I like this feature.

Able to perform multiple action with selected text such as copy.

Overall, it is a nice add-on to your application list in your Nokia 5800.

You can download it here for free.
Opera 10 Mobile

Old Game – New Way – Memo Deduction

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Do you remember the old board game name Mastermind?

If yes, then I no need to explain much about this game.
It is call Memo Deduction, using the new way of old game, Mastermind.

Here are the simple rules and explanation,
1. You will have 12 chances to guess/get the right combination of colors.
2. Click on each memo to select/switch between colors.
3. One red pin means there is a memo with the right color and position.
4. One black pin means there is a memo with the right color but wrong position.
5. Easy? Don’t think so.

You can download it here at MMMOOO, Memo Deduction

The Famous Castle of Magic

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The famous castle of magic is all about the master powerful magic and defeat fierce monsters in the most magical platform mobile game.

Environments with interactive surfaces will make you skid, levitate, stick to the ceiling, and more!

Battle a host of magical monsters (giant octopus, snowman launching snowballs, and more)

Download Castle of Magic

iFart For Nokia

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Heard of iFart for iPhone?
Now you going to have your very own fart application called Pico Fart.

With Pico Fart, you can turn your phone into a fart machine and play a pranks on your friends. Haha. Puk pUK puuukkk…
You can choose your fart type and using timer too. = )

You can get it from Ovi Store here.
Pico Fart Lite

Challenge your mind to the limit!!

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Do you like to challenge your mind?!
You think you are clever?

Well, you might like this game fromm MMMOOO a lot. It is call Memo Mosaic.

The rules of the game is to make all the memos into the target color as in the top one.

You have to click on one of the memo and the memos in the same row/column will change each one’s colors in sequence and try to make all the memos in the matrix into the same color as the one in top.

Do you think you can make it?
If yes, then you can continue to download it from MMMOOO

Memo Mosaic

iRobot on my phone!!

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Thanks to MMMOOO, now I have a iRobot inside my Nokia 5800!!

This iRobot will help me to organize upcoming calendar schedule, holidays, note and even my battery level!!

When it is idle, you can view the aphorism with random motivation words to enrich your day!!

And if you have Nokia N97, this widget can be display at your home screen.
Hope that MMMOOO can upgrade it to support home screen
for our Nokia5800 too. = )

On top of that, iRobot will notified you when there is incoming call or SMS. It just like your new pet in your mobile. ^_^

If you wish to download it, you can get it here from MMMOOO Shop.
- iRobot -

Free ICQ Sound as Your SMS Notification

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Do you miss the sound of ICQ?

If yes, you can download it here and save as your SMS notification sound.

Download ICQ Sound

Download Mobile Electronic Counter

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Do you need one? I believe those stock keeper or air stewardess do need one.

It work exactly the same as mechanical counter.

Just press the “+” button and the counter count will increase..

You can download it for free here. Mobile E-Counter