How to access Ovi-Store using WIFI

Author: MyNokia5800  //  Category: Uncategorized

Lately there had been quite a lot of Nokia use complaints about OVI Store issue where they unable to browser OVI Store using their WIFI connection.

They mention that whenever they started the Ovi Store, it will automatically connect using their data plan (3G/2G). Actually this is not a problem on Ovi Store.

Let me explain and show you how to enable back your WIFI to browse Ovi Store.

1. Go to Menu List, click on “Internet” icon.

2. Then click on “Web” icon.

3. After that, click on the “Options” menu and choose “Settings”

4. Choose the “General” link.

5. You can see that there is a “Access point” option, change the value to “Ask when needed”.

6. Exit and go to Ovi Store.

7. Now it will prompt you which type of connection you want to use to browse Ovi Store.

Hope this is helpful for you all. = )