The Famous Castle of Magic

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The famous castle of magic is all about the master powerful magic and defeat fierce monsters in the most magical platform mobile game.

Environments with interactive surfaces will make you skid, levitate, stick to the ceiling, and more!

Battle a host of magical monsters (giant octopus, snowman launching snowballs, and more)

Download Castle of Magic

iFart For Nokia

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Heard of iFart for iPhone?
Now you going to have your very own fart application called Pico Fart.

With Pico Fart, you can turn your phone into a fart machine and play a pranks on your friends. Haha. Puk pUK puuukkk…
You can choose your fart type and using timer too. = )

You can get it from Ovi Store here.
Pico Fart Lite

Challenge your mind to the limit!!

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Do you like to challenge your mind?!
You think you are clever?

Well, you might like this game fromm MMMOOO a lot. It is call Memo Mosaic.

The rules of the game is to make all the memos into the target color as in the top one.

You have to click on one of the memo and the memos in the same row/column will change each one’s colors in sequence and try to make all the memos in the matrix into the same color as the one in top.

Do you think you can make it?
If yes, then you can continue to download it from MMMOOO

Memo Mosaic

iRobot on my phone!!

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Thanks to MMMOOO, now I have a iRobot inside my Nokia 5800!!

This iRobot will help me to organize upcoming calendar schedule, holidays, note and even my battery level!!

When it is idle, you can view the aphorism with random motivation words to enrich your day!!

And if you have Nokia N97, this widget can be display at your home screen.
Hope that MMMOOO can upgrade it to support home screen
for our Nokia5800 too. = )

On top of that, iRobot will notified you when there is incoming call or SMS. It just like your new pet in your mobile. ^_^

If you wish to download it, you can get it here from MMMOOO Shop.
- iRobot -

Free ICQ Sound as Your SMS Notification

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Do you miss the sound of ICQ?

If yes, you can download it here and save as your SMS notification sound.

Download ICQ Sound

Download Mobile Electronic Counter

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Do you need one? I believe those stock keeper or air stewardess do need one.

It work exactly the same as mechanical counter.

Just press the “+” button and the counter count will increase..

You can download it for free here. Mobile E-Counter

How to disable your camera sound?

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I believe there is a lot of way or forum teaching people how to disable the camera shutter sound. But this is the easier way.

Steps to disable camera shutter sound for Nokia 5800

  1. Download disablecamsound.sisx file here.
  2. Self-Sign it and install it on your phone.
  3. Change to Silent Mode and disable your warning tones.
  4. Done!! Now you can take photo without everyone beside you notice it

Great isn’t it? = )

More application review here at HOME

All applications/games reviewed by MyNokia5800

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Summary of applications/games for Nokia 5800 reviewed by MyNokia5800 so far.

Put it here for easy access.

How to change your Nokia 5800 into iPhone?
1st Multi-Touch Game For Nokia 5800
Handwriting Calculator – One of the coolest application from Nokia
Moolan – Winner of the Forum Nokia Mobile Games
All about Nokia Time ( One of it is Talking Clock )
Coolest 3D Game for Nokia from China
iPhone Theme For Nokia Phone
New York Nights 2 – SIM For Mobile
Alarm Alert Protection For Your Phone
Now you can play Mahjong Anywhere and Anytime
The most realistic snooker simulation on mobile
Now you can SSH from your phone
Control your Desktop from Mobile Device
FTP Client For Your Symbian
Best Call Cheater For Your Nokia Phone
Microsoft Window on your Nokia phone – Possible?
Block Breaker 2 – Not Easy To Game Over
Elite Racing For Your Nokia Phone
Assassins – Kill someone on your mobile phone.
Hunting Season is Back – Big Range for Nokia 5800
Dogz – Your Virtual Puppies
TRANSFORMERS – Control Optimus Prime from your Nokia
Release of the M1 (Android on Nokia)
The First Mobile Virtual Touch Aquarium
Pacman Is Back
Use Your Phone as Lighter ?
Now you can manage your football team from your Mobile
Marvel Hero – Spider Man Mobile Game
Facebooking from your Nokia 5800
Monkey In Your Phone
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
Scratch Pad and Scratch MMS
Unlock Your Nokia 5800 like iPhone
UP – Disney/Pixar’s Game
Light Up Your Room With Nokia
i-SMS for your Mobile
iXP – A Must Have Application For WindowXP Lover
Hit the Mole. Don’t Break Your Screen
Coin tosser
Keep the ball in the air – Jueguitos
First Analog Clock
Nokia can install Window 7 ?
SMS TAG : Now you can even tag your SMS
Aces Of The Luftwaffe 2 is Back
Ferrari GT Evolution 2009
Shake it and Fizz it until it SPLIT!!
Another TV Game show – Catchphrase
Judgement Day For Nokia 5800
Dreamway racing on your Nokia
Play Krypton Factor TV Show on your Mobile
LocoRoco – Cute Game For Nokia
Cannot make your decision? Use your Nokia Magic 8 Ball
Game for 5 years old – BlockGo
Melody Slide Unlock – Cool Stuff
iBeer look alike for Nokia
Tic Tac Toe for Nokia 5800
Use your fingerprint to unlock your phone.
Another touch called Converter Touch
Simple yet Useful – Level Touch
What happen next if you press the RED BUTTON?
Need For Speed – Shift
Night Stand Touch
Turn your device into a LED screen
On your marks, get set, go!
Coolest Blackboard
Live KL Traffic Stream to your mobile phone
Idiot Test 2 – Have Fun
Shake Shake Shake your mobile!!
One Touch Memory Status
Puzzle World from MMMOOO
Guitar Hero III on your Mobile Phone
Dog Whistle For Nokia 5800
Space Invaders from the 80’s is BACK
OffScreen Speedometer
Use your phone as mirror
Bubble Town is in Town
Play RED ALERT on your Mobile
Pocket Chef
You think you are fast? Try this
Gish – The Mobile Game

If you having any broken link, please kindly let me know so I can upload a new one.

Superman Icon – Finally

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I’d been searching for a nice Superman logo as my wallpaper for so long and today I finally found it!!

If you like it too, just right click on the image and save it. = )

And in the searching, I found this too. Not bad.

Stay tuned, there is more to come.