Shake Shake Shake your mobile!!

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Haha… Shake Shake Shake your mobile with the latest Pocket Shaker Lite v1.0

You can be part of the music band just by playing this music instrument from your mobile. Cool man.

Now you can download it for free here. Pocket Shaker Lite v1.0

One Touch Memory Status

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Now you are one touch away from checking your memory status.

Yeah, actually few touch, you click the download link below and install first. Haha

Download here One Touch Memory

Puzzle World from MMMOOO

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This is the new games released by the MMMOOO team.

I had played quite a lot of puzzle game before but this one really make me use my “brain”. It is a very challenging games.

Most of the puzzle provided has good quality which I cannot solved!! = )
But one good thing is there is a hint option for you to choose.

Another plus point of this application is the animation. I love the animation as it was so cute and details.

The puzzle include graphic reasoning, language reasoning, mathematics and imagination game.

But before you download it, let me show you some exclusive snapshot inside the games.

So if you think you are good at problem solving, this is one correct game for you to play.

Tried it here.

Puzzle World

Guitar Hero III on your Mobile Phone

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Rock your way to become rock star from your mobile phone now.

You can choose your character.

In this games you will need to promote your band, rehearse your songs and play shows that rock!

Guitar Hero III Backstage Pass

Dog Whistle For Nokia 5800

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Whistle your beloved doggy from your Nokia 5800. Cool right?

This virtual dog whistle contains 7 different sounds ranges, ranging from 17 Mhz to 22 Mhz.

I haven’t tried whether the dog will respond to it because I don’t have a dog. =.=”

Maybe you can try and let me know. = )
Download Here

Space Invaders from the 80’s is BACK

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Remember the Space Invaders from the creation of the 80’s?

It is now BACK !!
See for yourself…

You are all long time fans? Download it here and play in your mobile phone.
Space Invaders