Another touch called Converter Touch

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Kilograms, ounces, miles, knots, stones, you name it! This converter can convert it for you.

It’s cool to have this handy converter in your mobile. = )

You can download it at Ovi Store here.

Simple yet Useful – Level Touch

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This utility application if develop by Offscreen Technologies Ltd

It is useful if you got any wooding work to be done. Use your device as a builder’s level.

Level Touch features both horizontal and vertical bubble tubes.

(Readings are based on device’s built-in accelerometer.)

It is available at Ovi Store. Level Touch

What happen next if you press the RED BUTTON?

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This is what happen if you press the red button.

This only some of them.

You can have your own RED BUTTON in your mobile device too.

Download it here for free. THE RED BUTTON

Need For Speed – Shift

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Gameloft bring us the Need For Speed – Shift directly into our mobile.

Some screen capture from my mobile. Nice

Download Here For Free

Night Stand Touch

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Another clock application we have.
This is another choices of clock or alarm clock that we can use during night time.

It is A digital night stand clock with an alarm, snooze and dimming.

It is available for free at Ovi Store. Night Stand Touch

Turn your device into a LED screen

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Introducing another application in Ovi Store, Banner Touch.

This is a simple application that can turn your device into a LED Banner Screen.

Write your message and display it on the screen in big moving letters. Cool.

Here is the link in Ovi Store. Banner Touch

On your marks, get set, go!

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This is the first timer that I’d installed in my Nokia 5800.
Timer Lite Touch by by Offscreen Technologies Ltd.

The graphic is so details and the best thing is it has unlimited lap time. = )

Personally I recommend you to install this gadget even that you don’t need it for now. Who knows you might need it in the future.

Available at OVI Store for Free.
Download Timer Lite Touch

Coolest Blackboard

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This is one of the coolest blackboard that I had installed before.
It is called Blackboard Lite Touch.

The effect was so real. See to believe it.

It look like you really wipe off your writing on a real board.

This cool application is free for download in our Nokia Ovi Store.
Blackboard Lite Touch

Live KL Traffic Stream to your mobile phone.

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Latest addition to the OVI store.

Thanks to Nerd Attack IT Consultancy for developing such a useful application, at least for me.

Basically this application is to view the KL traffic based on the road name. Those traffic feeds will be show on your phone.

There is an overlay over the traffic feed. This way, you’ll know which direction the traffic is heading.

If you want to have this cool apps, you can download it for free at OVI Store.
KL Traffic Widget

Idiot Test 2 – Have Fun

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Same like the name, this application is to test whether you are idiot or not?

Basically it will ask some question and you need to provide the answer. Can play with it when you have some time to burn. = )

Download here. Idiot Test 2