OffScreen Speedometer

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Simple application yet a nice one.

It use the built-in GPS in your Nokia 5800 to reflect the digital speedometer.
Your speed can be show in km/h or mph.
OffScreen Speedometer

Use your phone as mirror

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Cannot find your mirror, always want to check are yourself in best condition?
Now you can use your touch device as a mirror!

How it work?

It actually uses the device front facing camera to display the reflected image.

You can download one here for free. Mirror Installer

Bubble Town is in Town.

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Here is another addictive arcade-puzzler
But it not my type as I don’t want to get addicted. = )

Download it here and start getting addicted. Bubble Town

Play RED ALERT on your Mobile

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Command and Conquer RED ALERT: I think no need for me to introduce this game anymore.
Now you can play it from your mobile.

Some of the screen capture from my Nokia 5800.

Free for download here.
Command and Conquer RED ALERT

Pocket Chef

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Just like the name, now you can play master chef on your mobile.
You can choose to play instant cook, cooking tour and cook by recipe.

Too bad I cannot tell you much about this game because I can’t even pass the “cutting onion” round. Damn it.

You think you are better than me? Cool, try it. Pocket Chef

You think you are fast? Try this.

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If you think you are fast, you can try playing this game.
It is called OffScreen Speed Tester.

The light will keep moving and you need to touch on the light before it is off.
Just as simple as that. But you need to be fast. = )

If you fast, then faster download it here. OffScreen Speed Tester

Gish – The Mobile Game

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The world of Gish.
A funny game when you are controlling 12-pound ball of tar named Gish.

Gish’s girl friend Brea is captured by a mysterious figure and taken underground to the sewers of Dross.

The hero, Gish is lacking of any external organs except yellow glowing eyes and fanged teeth.

His gelatinous nature gives him the ability to become sticky, slippery or heavy and expanded at will, among other capabilities.

Download it here. The Gish