Hit the Mole. Don’t Break Your Screen

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This is a simple classic game.
You just need to hit the mole but make sure don’t hit until you break your touch screen. = )

A good game for your kids. ^_^

Download it here for free. Hit The Mole

Coin tosser

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Cannot make your decision?
Not long ago, I had posted about the Lucky 8 Ball application to help you make decision.

Today we have another application to help you make your decision.

Heads or tails?

It is a coin toss, you can flip the coin using same gesture when tossing a real coin!

You can have this application for free here. Coin Tosser

Keep the ball in the air – Jueguitos

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A simple game called Jueguitos.

The concept of this game is keeping the ball on the air as long as you can.

Use you finger(touch) to prevent the ball drop on the ground.
Sound easy right? But believe me, it is not easy. ^_^

Download and try it your self. Jueguitos Installer

My Latest Wallpaper

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Here is 4 of my latest favorite wallpaper for Nokia 5800.

I don’t know who created it but I still want to give credit to them as I really like it.

If you like it also, you can download it here.

First Analog Clock

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The first analog clock application for our Nokia 5800.
I’m not sure there is others out there but this is the first one that I’d found.

Not so long ago, I reviewed few clock applications for Nokia 5800 but none of them is analog.

Beside showing the time, it also shows date and battery status.

And there is an option to OFF the backlight to save your battery. = )

Download your analog clock here. GigaClock

Nokia can install Window 7 ?

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Yes but not exactly.
With MMMOOO, everything is possible.

Now they had release Win 7, which is the Windows 7 emulator for Symbian devices.
It work so well with our Nokia 5800.

If you don’t know, previously guys from MMMOOO had shock the mobile market with iXP, which is the emulator for Window XP in Nokia devices. You can refer here for more information.

Here is some screen shot from my Nokia 5800,

You can get it from here. Win7 @ MMMOOO Shop

Hope you enjoy it! ^_^

Unlock your phone like iPhone, again and better

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ThinkChange had upgrade their unLock application again.

You can found the review of the first version here. [ Unlock Your Nokia 5800 like iPhone]

In the latest version of unLock, we have new features such as

  1. You can choose your own background image.
  2. Change the font color
  3. Change the Transparency level
  4. Change the time format. ( 24-hours or 12 hours)
  5. Text display (For your own customization, you can even put your own name)

One of the my favourite background image!!

All the configuration can be customized here…

Like it? Well, you can get it now at unLock-V2
Note: There will be a simple contest up soon to give away free license for unLock-V2, so stay tune!!

M1 Version 1.1 (Android On Nokia) is Out now

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After successfully launching of the M1 first version, now MMMOOO release the upgrade version of M1 which is version 1.1

For those who don’t know what is M1, it is actually the first Android interface launcher for our Nokia device. It is a fully functional Android “emulator” inspired by HTC G1. For more information, you can refer to my previous post here. Release of the M1 (Android on Nokia)

So what is the changes in new M1?
Here is some of the upgrade.

First of all, the application shortcut is now using the Android icon. Cool right?

Then they already introduce the features that I’d been waiting for it which is MISS CALL and SMS notifier.

On top of that, there is a bonus on this upgrade. Now M1 bring together with them a widget for Weather update. You can have weather update information inside your M1 now anytime and anywhere.

It is time to get your latest version of M1. You can download in from M1 MMMOOO Download

7th August is your lucky day?

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Yes, your lucky day had come.

MMMOOO had organize an essay competition at their blog. And for sure there will be a lot of free gift for the winners.

Here are some of the step to win yourself some free gift.

  1. There’s no limitation of the essay, however, it will be better with photos, videos, pictures, or anything make it looks better.
  2. Send your story to owen.wang@mmmooo.com with the title [Essay Competition][Your title]. Any other title will not be accepted. We will post your essay at our blog for readers. The competition starts from now to 2009.8.20 12:00 PM Beijing Time.
  3. From 20 August to 23 August, we will open a polling for all of the posts. The polling result will be a part of the final result.
  4. The lucky winner will be announced at 2009.8.24.

And not forgetting, the prizes are,

1. First prize.
Three winners, each will gets 5 themes from MMMOOO shop and chance to get MMMOOO pre-release apps.

2. Second prize.
Seven winners, each will gets 3 themes from MMMOOO shop and MMMOOO new app, Win7 or MyPhone.

3. Third prize.
Ten winners, each will gets 1 theme from MMMOOO shop or MyPhone.

So what are you waiting for? Quickly join the competition at MyPhone Essay Competition