Cannot make your decision? Use your Nokia Magic 8 Ball

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If you cannot make your decision, now you can ask your Magic 8 Ball from your Nokia 5800.

The Magic 8-Ball, is an application used for fortune-telling or seeking advice.

After “asking the ball” a yes-or-no question, the user then have to touch on the ball to shake it. (Too bad it is not accelerator enable application.

It is not full screen as well. Minus point.

Now you can have your own Magic 8 Ball.
Download Max Magic 8 Ball

Game for 5 years old – BlockGo

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My colleague asking me is there any game that can keep her 5 years old daughter at home occupied. I would said BlockGo!!

It is a simple and fun/cute game that for sure will entertain any kids.
It also have dozens of facial expression enriches the emotional feedback.

The features of moving the blocks on touch screen provides a new experience in mobile gaming.

Beside that it has 99 levels with 5 difficulties.

Download here. BlockGO

p/s: Actually I also like to play this game, so it is not only for 5 years old. = p

Melody Slide Unlock – Cool Stuff

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After introducing so many unlock applications, but this one is the coolest one.
It is named as Slide Unlock. It come with great animation and with nice melody.

You download it for free here but you need to sign it yourself as it is unsigned version.
Slide Unlock

iBeer look alike for Nokia

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Finally we have something look like iBeer for our beloved Nokia 5800.
It is called as XpressBeer. Developed by Mobile Master

XpressBeer is an accelerometer based application. With it, we can have a mug of beer, anytime, anywhere just with a few clicks on our phone.

This application running on Python, so you need to install Python first together with the application.

You can get the installer here,
1. Python_1.9.5
2. XpressBeer

After you install XpressBeer, it is time to call you friend to come out for a drink. = )

Tic Tac Toe for Nokia 5800

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Everyone know what is Tic Tac Toe, so I won’t be explaining anything here.
Some screen shot of Tic Tac Toe application from my Nokia 5800

You can download the simple application here. Max Tic-Tac-Toe