My Phone Exceeding iPhone – Releasing Today

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On 15th July 2009, MMMOOO had released the latest version of MyPhone 2.20
So what is new coming together with this version?
I had tested and will review each of the features.

For those who are new to MyPhone, it is actually an application launcher that will turn your Nokia 5800 in to iPhone.

All icons are identical to iPhone style icons too.

Ok, now let’s move on to the latest features in this version 2.20 and also some interesting existing features that I want to include in this review.

Custom Interface RSS Feed Reader, you can set your own RSS feed. I found that this feature is very useful as our standard Nokia 5800 doesn’t have this features included.

Free Weather Services also available in MyPhone application. Another value add application that we craving for.

Embedded Sketch Pad. Now you can sketch your drawing directly from MyPhone.

And lastly the features that everyone is shouting about lately, iPhone style SMS interface.
Now in MyPhone, we can configure to use the iPhone style SMS interface instead of our normal Nokia SMS interface.

Full list of change log for MyPhone v2.20 are as below:

  • iPhone look alike SMS conversation, you can schedule the SMS with senders list, easily to read or delete SMS.
  • Add 3rd part icon by pick through list, no needing self input anymore.
  • Add some popular 3rd part icons.

Want to have your own MyPhone, you can get it at MMMOOO MyPhone V2.20

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8 Responses to “My Phone Exceeding iPhone – Releasing Today”

  1. Neo Says:

    Just get iPhone la.

  2. Dragon City Says:

    It is different, now I can have both. = p

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    Beneficial internet site!

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  7. Amanda23485 Says:

    How come you do not have your web site viewable in mobile format? Can not view anything in my iPad.

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