SMS TAG : Now you can even tag your SMS

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Thanks to Jappit, now we can even tag our SMS.
This application is called SMS TAG.

It allow you to apply labels to your SMS messages, and find them in a click!

SMS TAG allows you to tag all your SMS messages with all the labels you want, to keep them organized and easily find!

This application is available at Nokia Ovi Store. Click here. SMS TAG (Require login to view the item but it is FREE)

Aces Of The Luftwaffe 2 is Back

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This is the first air force games I’d installed in my Nokia 5800.

This game is about the royal air force and the US air force set out to liberate France from the German invaders, your job is to get into the cockpit of an airplane and confront, stop and defeat them for good.

There are three game modes which are Campaign, Dog Fight and Air Battle.
For each type of level there are various objectives to fulfill in order to successfully accomplish the mission.

Ready to trash the German? Download here Aces Of The Luftwaffe 2

Ferrari GT Evolution 2009

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Now you can have collection of Ferrari series in your mobile phone.
You can be one of the Ferrari car owners and take part in exclusive races around the world.

Choose from 33 car models including the F430, Enzo Ferrari, Testarossa, 250 GTO, and the brand new Ferrari California.

The streak across 7 cities and 1 circuit in a racing simulation that tests your speed and control.

You can choose to control using the steering wheel mode too. This is something new for us.

Now you can own a Ferrari for free here. Download Ferrari GT Evolution

Shake it and Fizz it until it SPLIT!!

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Shake it!!
This is a fun application by Zensis. You can shake the Can until it Fizz…

This was one of the best accelerometer based applications that I found so far.

The faster you shake, the faster the Can will split and fizz.

The fizz sound was so real and near perfect. Wow. You should really try it.

Previously it was available in OVI store but now the link is broken.
However you can download from here. Shake It

Another TV Game show – Catchphrase

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Catch Phrase is a word guessing party game commercially available from Hasbro.

You have to guess what Mr.Chips is telling you on the screen and go through the 300 different catchphrases available.

Beat the ready money round, guess the bonus catchphrase and reach the super final to hit the jackpot!

Lets get started. Download installer here. Catchphrase

Judgement Day For Nokia 5800

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M.U.M.U. Judgement day is a story of a man who tries to escape the mortal trap set by semi-intelligent mutant dogs headed by his ex-beloved pet that turned into a cunning monster.

Caught unaware in his boat in the middle of a river by a huge pack of blood-thirsty creatures he has no weapon to defend himself and almost no chance to survive.

The only thing he can do is to smash the heads of monsters with his oar for as long as possible.

Let’s begin! The dogs are already hungry!! MUMU Judgement Day

My Phone Exceeding iPhone – Releasing Today

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On 15th July 2009, MMMOOO had released the latest version of MyPhone 2.20
So what is new coming together with this version?
I had tested and will review each of the features.

For those who are new to MyPhone, it is actually an application launcher that will turn your Nokia 5800 in to iPhone.

All icons are identical to iPhone style icons too.

Ok, now let’s move on to the latest features in this version 2.20 and also some interesting existing features that I want to include in this review.

Custom Interface RSS Feed Reader, you can set your own RSS feed. I found that this feature is very useful as our standard Nokia 5800 doesn’t have this features included.

Free Weather Services also available in MyPhone application. Another value add application that we craving for.

Embedded Sketch Pad. Now you can sketch your drawing directly from MyPhone.

And lastly the features that everyone is shouting about lately, iPhone style SMS interface.
Now in MyPhone, we can configure to use the iPhone style SMS interface instead of our normal Nokia SMS interface.

Full list of change log for MyPhone v2.20 are as below:

  • iPhone look alike SMS conversation, you can schedule the SMS with senders list, easily to read or delete SMS.
  • Add 3rd part icon by pick through list, no needing self input anymore.
  • Add some popular 3rd part icons.

Want to have your own MyPhone, you can get it at MMMOOO MyPhone V2.20

Dreamway racing on your Nokia

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Dreamway is a top-view racing game with cartoony graphics, console look and feel. And it is now available for our beloved Nokia 5800.

Come take an exciting mid-world adventure for true challenge seekers and natural-born drivers.

Step on it! Bustle through a gang of cheeky tricky opponents to leave everyone behind.

Gentlemen, start your engine!! DreamWay

Play Krypton Factor TV Show on your Mobile

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The Krypton Factor is a British game show. The show originally ran from 1977 to 1995, and was produced by Granada Television, hosted by Gordon Burns

Krypton Factor comes back to your mobile after 14 years of absence.

Join 3 other contestants on Krypton Factor’s iconic TV set and take on Gordon Burns’ toughest challenges.

You will be put through the 6 traditional Krypton Factor rounds. Good Luck!!

Lets start your show!! Download here. Krypton Factor

LocoRoco – Cute Game For Nokia

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Loco Roco, one of the famous game for Playstation now is out for our Nokia 5800.

This game is about a peaceful planet, where the little globules known as LocoRoco live. The planet is attacked by the decidedly evil forces of the Moja.

Your goal is to somehow restore world peace by occasionally bashing the Moja and generally rolling around.

This game is just so cute!!

Don’t worry, get Loco here. LocoRoco