The First Mobile Virtual Touch Aquarium

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EGi Marine Aquarium Touch Mobile
This basically a simple application that showing an aquarium with 2 fish in there. These fish will follow your touch, it will swim towards you. = )

You can download this version 1.0 for free here. EGi Marine Aquarium Version 1

However there is another enhanced version which is version 2.0

This new version includes new features as below:
* 6 different species of fish
* 2 copies of animated sea anemone
* Bubbles to make life more real
* Pop-Up Menu to add your favourite fish or delete
* Sound improved marine
* All fish follow your finger to touch the screen
* Each fish has its own natural

However, to get the installer for this new version, you need to donate to the developer. And half of the donations will go to charity for victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo. For more information, please refer to EGI

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  1. zool Says:

    Mende ni aku tak tau.

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