3 Lucky Winners for the unLock Contest

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Finally the result is out.
I’m glad to announce the winners of the unLock full licenses today. The winner are picked using the List Randomizer.


  1. Jason
  2. Zack
  3. William Chin

We would like to thank ThinkChange for sponsoring this contest and offering the unLock licenses. Thanks to all of you too for participated and made this contest the most competitive as it could be.

We had already email all the winners and they are required to send their IMEI numbers for us to activate the unLock licenses. If you are a winner and did not got email from us, check your SPAM folder for an email from ‘contest@ubisoft.biz?.

Those winners who did not respond us back in 5 days will lose the chance to win and the prizes are transferred to the next in the list.

For those who did not win, don’t give up, we will have more contests coming in the next few days, so please stay in touch.

Use Your Phone as Lighter ?

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Now you can have a lighter in your phone.
But only can see, cannot use.

This is another simple application develop by Aden. It is called as nLighter.

The function is simple, press the lighter lid to open it. Then press the lighter button to start the fire flame.

Press the lid again to close it. Simple right? But it is still a simple nice application to show to your friends.

You can download it here. nLighter v1.5

Now you can manage your football team from your Mobile

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Manage your football team on Real Football Manager 2009.

It is a football management simulations on mobiles. Real Football Manager 2009 features a new, simplified interface and improved artificial intelligence for maximum realism.

Choose your club from one of 8 different leagues and more than 200 teams. Just like other football management game, you need to manage all aspects of your club, from training to interacting with the press.

You can adjust your tactics in real time for an immediate impact.

Download Real Football Manager 2009

Marvel Hero – Spider Man Mobile Game

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Another excellent interactive game from GameLoft.

This game is about the bad guy, Green Goblin releasing a serum that turn innocent civilians into mutant monsters.

You, play as Spider-Man, need to defeat the dangerous bad guy and gather their DNA to produce an antidote to Green Goblin’s mutant serum

In this games, you will open many new possibilities of Spider-Man like weaving of a web, a lasagna on walls and new movements in fight. Art animation and design successfully transfer all essence well-known about Spider-Man.

It was the most interactive action game for Nokia 5800 that I played so far.

Download the game here. SpiderMan-ToxicCity


Facebooking from your Nokia 5800

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Finally the Facebook Widget is out.

It is launched in the Nokia OVI Store where you can download directly from there for free.

The welcome screen is a standard typical Facebook login screen. By using the widget, you would not need to re-logging after you login for the first time.

It is a runtime widget that work both in landscape and portrait mode. It has almost all the features you can expect from a Facebook mobile client.

From this widget, you can view latest news feeds, friends, photo, inbox, events and others. The photo can be view in full screen mode.

You can download this widget directly from OVI STORE

Contest : Win 3 Free Licenses For unLock Application (Contest Ended)

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As promised, here is another contest launched.

Now I will provide you the chance to win a FREE license for unLock application for Nokia5800 that I’d reviewed last week.

“unUnlock” is a cool little application which can change the way you unlock your screen and replaces it with an iPhone type slide unlocker.

First, I would like to thanks our sponsor ThinkChange, the developers of the application for offering some free licenses for us here.

There will be total of 3 full license for the unLock application that will be given to the winners of this mini contest.

The steps to join the contest is as easy as 123.

How to Join

All you have to do is click on the JOIN HERE link below and make a comment.
The comment can be anything, e.g. “I want unLock”, “I love DragonCity and ThinkChange”, or something like that.
Please use your real email ID so that we can contact you in case you win!

Duration of Contest
This contest will start now (5 June 2009) and end on 11 June 2009 at 11:00PM GMT +8.

Rules of Contest

Winners will be chosen by a name random shuffler tool and the results will be out on 12 June 2009 by a separate post. One person will get one license only.

Thats All. Good Luck!!

What you waiting for? Click here to join. JOIN HERE

UPDATE (11th June 2009) : Contest closed. Winners will be announce soon. Stay tune.

Monkey In Your Phone

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Welcome to the legendary forbidden island. No man can reach the ancient ceremonial masks and survive, so it is a job for YOU to save the monkeys!

Tropical Towers is all about is saving monkey by building tower for the monkeys. It win the “Best Casual Game” at the 5th Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards.

In the games, you will travel between five tropical islands.

One drawback of this game is the slow loading..

So if you want to save the monkey, you can download the installer here. Tropical Towers

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

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Finally there is a football games for my Nokia 5800.

Pro Evolution Soccer or also been called as PES 2009 is a hits games for all soccer lover. It has the official license of UEFA Champions League!

There is star players from most of the different leagues. Another amazing stuff is the schedule features for changes of weather conditions.

Beside that, you can challenge your friend in a football match as this game support bluetooth multiplayer mode. Cool right?

What do you waiting for? Download the games here. PES 2009

Scratch Pad and Scratch MMS

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If you are the person who like to scratch stuff on paper instead of typing on the keypad, then both of the application below suit you the most.

Scratch Pad is developed by Vesuvion Software.

It makes your phone like a paper notepad as you can turn or tear pages, you can save notes, delete and others.

Next is Scratch MMS. It also developed by Vesuvion Software.
It bring a new way of sending a message, which is draw and SEND!

You can choose color for the drawing pen.

You can download the both application at the link provided below: