Use your fingerprint to unlock your phone.

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ThinkChange had come out with a new application called FingerPrint.

With this application, you now can use your fingerprint to unlock your phone. How does it work?

Actually all you need to do is touch your finger to the screen to be “scanned” for your identity, there will be vibration and beep sounds during the scan. The phone will be unlocked not depend on whose finger it is, but on how many beeps or vibrations since your finger touch the screen.

Interesting? You can get from ThinkChange FingerPrint.

MyPhone Free Giveaway

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After a successful launched of MyPhone Infinite Edition V2.11 not so long ago, now guys from MMMOOO are preparing for version 2.2

They had take an extra step ahead by asking for your feedback, ideas, suggestion or any comments that you feel like you want to voice up to them. They will be giving away some free full licenses for those sincere and constructive idea from you. It starts from June 24, 12:00 AM to July 14 12:00 AM Beijing time.

If you had something in your mind already, please submit at their site at the link below:
MMMOOO Poll and Suggestion Box

Good Luck guys!!

Assassins – Kill someone on your mobile phone.

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Assassins Creed now is out for Nokia 5800. It is a sandbox-style action-adventure video game.

You will be playing Altair, a disgraced Master Assassin.
Your mission is to kill eight men (both Saracens and Crusaders) in order to end the Third Crusade.

You need to complete 13 missions as your journey through 4 vivid environments in the Holy Land.

To kill your enemy, you need to learn a lots of acrobatic moves and fight with impressive combos mixing sword skills.

Are you ready to kill? Click here to download the game. Assassins Creed

Hunting Season is Back – Big Range for Nokia 5800

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Hunting Big Range 2 offering you both hunting and fishing in realistic wild environments.

You can play in 3 different modes which are story mode, free hunt mode and mini-games mode.

You can choose your location for fishing from the map provided.

This game also presenting animals with ultra-realistic behaviors and animations.

Beside shooting plate and can, you need to survive from terrifying exotic animals like lion.

Are you a hunter? If yes, you can download the game here. Big Range 2

Dogz – Your Virtual Puppies

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Do you love puppies?
If yes, now you can finally adopt a puppies in your Nokia 5800.

You can choose from 9 lovable puppies among 3 breeds, each of it have unique personality and different way to take care of them.

Once you adopt the puppies, you need to care for your pet by feeding it, grooming it, and playing with it. They’ll also be able to teach them various tricks, such as lie down, fetch, and shake.

You can use rewards and punishment to make and break their habits.

If you interested on this, you can download it here. Dogz

TRANSFORMERS – Control Optimus Prime from your Nokia

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TRANSFORMERS, Revenge of the Fallen movie will be coming soon to your local cinema.

But before that, you can have your own Optimus Prime in your Nokia 5800.

You as the leader of the Autobot Bumblebee need to fight the threat of the Decepticons to defend the Earth.

In the games, you can turn into vehicle mode or transformed into Autobots!

The graphics is just nice. And it support full touchscreen.

It’s time for revenge! Download it here. Transformers

Release of the M1 (Android on Nokia)

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As promised earlier in post(Android On Nokia 5800), today MMMOOO had officially launch the M1.

For those who are not aware of what is M1, you really need to be updated!!

M1 is the first Android interface launcher for our Nokia device. It is a fully functional Android “emulator” inspired by HTC G1.

M1 had the features of Android HTC G1 like

  1. Transition from Home Screen to 2nd screen and 3rd screen. The transition was so smooth.
  2. Option of adding unlimited icons in the applications menu to home screen.
  3. Option of removing unlimited icons from the home screen. Nice experience.
  4. Screen lock work exactly the same as HTC G1 – Android OS.
  5. Standalone dialer interface. Exclusive feel.

Some sneak preview from M1 on my Nokia 5800. Enjoy..

It just get launched today!! What you waiting for?

Be the first to have Android on your Nokia!!

Get it from MMMOOO Shop now.

The First Mobile Virtual Touch Aquarium

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EGi Marine Aquarium Touch Mobile
This basically a simple application that showing an aquarium with 2 fish in there. These fish will follow your touch, it will swim towards you. = )

You can download this version 1.0 for free here. EGi Marine Aquarium Version 1

However there is another enhanced version which is version 2.0

This new version includes new features as below:
* 6 different species of fish
* 2 copies of animated sea anemone
* Bubbles to make life more real
* Pop-Up Menu to add your favourite fish or delete
* Sound improved marine
* All fish follow your finger to touch the screen
* Each fish has its own natural

However, to get the installer for this new version, you need to donate to the developer. And half of the donations will go to charity for victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo. For more information, please refer to EGI

Pacman Is Back

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Pac-man is back!!
And this time with touch features on Nokia 5800.

Now you can control you Pac-man using your fingertip touching the screen. Awesome.

Thats not all. Have you play Pac-Man using multi-player mode? Now it can support up to 4 players.

However there is a drawback on this game is it doesn’t utilize the full screen of Nokia 5800.

You can get your Pac-Man here. PacMan For Nokia5800

Android On Nokia 5800

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Yes! Android on Nokia 5800.
Guys from MMMOOO had once more done it again!!

It is called M1. All the features are almost identical to HTC G1, first Google Android phone.

Don’t believe it? See the video below:

Coming soon on 18th June 2009.
Reveal of the secret and features of M1 on June 18th here.