Best Call Cheater For Your Nokia Phone

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Do you ever been in situation that you need to end a phone conversation but don’t know how to tell the person who is talking to you at the other end?

With Best Call Cheater, now you have plenty of way to end the unwanted conversation. This application basically add a background sound to your conversation such as raining, traffic jam, meeting room environment and others.

Here are the list of background sounds which you can choose.

You can also set your default profile like which group of caller with have different background sound effect.

This is how it look like when you make a call or receive an incoming call.

Click on the menu and choose your background sound effect, and there its go.

Personally this application is not so useful for me as if I was busy, I won’t even pick up the call at all. ^_^

But if you need it, you can download the installer here. Best Call Cheater

FTP Client For Your Symbian

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Thanks to SIC Software, now we have FTP client for our Symbian phone, esp Nokia 5800.

I always been wanted this application so that I can upload and download file from my FTP server.

Basic feature, you can save your Server profile.

Snapshot from my Nokia 5800 after it get connected to my FTP image server.

Additional feature are you cut/paste, create new folder, delete file and folder.

More additional features for you to find out.

To get the installer, you need to go to this site SIC Software Wap Push and key-in your phone number and the system will push the link directly to your phone. Don’t worry. It’s FREE!

Control your Desktop from Mobile Device

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In my previous post, we can SSH to our linux box.
Now we can connect to our Window/Mac/Linux using VNC+.

VNC+ (Virtual Network Computing for Mobiles) provides an easy and convenient way for anyone to access, enjoy the navigation and perform tasks on a desktop or laptop PC from a mobile device.

Profiles creation page for you to store your server profiles.
You able to choose different OS such as Mac, Linux and Window

Connecting… Best view in landscape mode.

This is how it look like once connected to my laptop. Quite small.

There is option for you to choose your action, like a mouse click. However you can move your mouse using the touch screen.

You may use a Virtual keyboard to manage the remote screen faster and more convenient. To open the keyboard window click the small arrow on the bottom right of the screen.

You can download the installer from Remote Access Tools