iXP – A Must Have Application For WindowXP Lover

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Yes, this is one of the MUST HAVE application for all Window XP lover.
It is called iXP. Same as the MyPhone, it is running on flash lite.

Basically it has all the features in your phone transfer to this new Window XP look and feel interface. It look so real, just like our WindowXP on the desktop. Another great breakthrough from MMMOOO.

You can make phone call, create SMS, take photo and others phone features from this interface.

It works on both portrait and landscape mode.

Full support for touch screen. You can bring up the START menu to access the applications on the phone. How great!

Battery level and phone signal status show at the right bottom of the screen.

This is how it look like when we rotate the screen to landscape.

Beside that, you can choose your preference background wallpaper from the pre-defined set provided by the applications.

It even has the Window Explorer to access the camera and files

And just like Window XP, you can log off or shutdown the application. Cool. = )

I was impressed with the graphic details and quality.
And another plus point for this application is it only consume very less of your phone memory-RAM.

So if you want to have this cool application to show off your friends or colleagues, you can get it from MMMOOO.

Enjoy !!

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  1. kenwooi.com Says:

    wow awesome! haha!
    too bad i dont one a 5800 =P

  2. Dragon City Says:

    Kenwooi, it is time to get one.

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