3 Lucky Winners for the iXP Contest

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Finally the result is out.
I’m glad to announce the winners of the iXP full licenses today. The winner are picked using the List Randomizer.

WINNER LIST (Updated on 6 June 2009)

  1. Faez Farhan
  2. EviL SliM ShaDy
  3. Saad Saad

We would like to thank MMMOOO for sponsoring this contest and offering the iXP licenses. Thanks to all of you too for participated and made this contest the most competitive as it could be.

We had already email all the winners and they are required to send their IMEI numbers for us to activate the iXP licenses. If you are a winner and did not got email from us, check your SPAM folder for an email from ‘ixpcontest@ubisoft.biz?.

Those winners who did not respond us back in 5 days will lose the chance to win and the prizes are transferred to the next in the list.

For those who did not win, don’t give up, we will have more contests coming in the next few days, so please stay in touch.

Unlock Your Nokia 5800 like iPhone

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Here is another application for iPhone lover.

It is called nUnlock, brought to us by ThinkChange

It is a simulation of iPhone unlock screen. On the screen, we will have the signal bar, time/date and the battery bar. And for sure, you can slide the screen to “unlock” the phone.

There is setting for you to change the sensitivity for the slider. Beside that, you can made the application autostart too.

The images are very detailed and sharp. Really bring us the feeling of iPhone. I would rate the images as 10 out of 10 points.

You can try the Trial version and if you are happy with it, you can get the full version at ThinkChange nUnlock

UP – Disney/Pixar’s Game

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This game is designed based on the Disney/Pixar’s newest movie, “UP”.

It is about balloon-tethered home traveling to Paradise Falls. Players will encounter exciting, new environments as they navigate through treacherous jungle terrains.

You just need to tap on the screen to make the balloon fly up. Easy.
The graphic is quite cute and the game speed is fast. Interactive too.
Consider a must have game in your Nokia 5800.

Some screen shot from the game in my Nokia 5800.

There installer is available for download here. Download HERE

Contest : Win 3 Free Licenses For iXP (Contest Ended)

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Yeah, I have some great news today. You can now win a FREE license for iXP application for Nokia5800 that I’d reviewed last week. The application usually costs USD 9.99 but FREE for you now if you win in this contest.

First, I would like to thanks our sponsor MMMOOO, the developers of the
application for offering some free licenses for us here.

There will be total of 3 full license for the iXP application that will be given to the winners of this mini contest.

The steps to join the contest is as easy as 123.

How to Join

Drop me an email at ixpcontest@ubisoft.biz with any title like : “I want iXP”, “I love DragonCity and MMMOOO”, or something like that.


To triple up your chances of winning, if you have a blog or website, you can link to this site (http://www.ubisoft.biz/dct/) with the link name as “dRaGonCiTY – MYNOKIA5800″ and send me an email to notified me. This will calculate as 3 entries.

Duration of Contest
This contest will start now (21 May 2009) and end on 28 May 2009 at 11:00PM GMT +8.

Rules of Contest
Winners will be chosen by a name random shuffler tool and the results will be out on 29 May 2009 by a separate post. One person will get one license only.

Thats All. Good Luck!!

p/s: If you have any question, kindly drop your email at admin@ubisoft.biz. We change email submission as there are some feedback on their concern of disclosing their email in comments to public. And for previous submission through comment, you will be consider valid too. Don’t worry.

UPDATE (28th May 2009) : Contest closed. Winners will be announce soon. Stay tune.

Light Up Your Room With Nokia

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Yes, now you can light up your room with your Nokia 5800.
Thanks to Phone Torch application.

Phone Torch uses the lamp torch ability (LED of the camera) of the Nokia 5800 to light up the surroundings (in white or red)

There is other setting that you can customized such as turn the red light as default color.

Beside that it also can be used to send Morse code.

You can download the PhoneTorch here.

i-SMS for your Mobile

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Thanks to Junnikokuki, now we have the iPhone SMS Style display for our Nokia 5800.

I had install it on my phone. It make my life easier as it organize all your SMS in receive-reply sequence so that all the SMS content started to make sense if you have a lot of un-deleted SMS in your Inbox. = )

Below are the sample screen shot from my Nokia 5800.

You can download the installer here. iSMS Installer
Note that the installer need to be symbian-signed first before installation.

iXP – A Must Have Application For WindowXP Lover

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Yes, this is one of the MUST HAVE application for all Window XP lover.
It is called iXP. Same as the MyPhone, it is running on flash lite.

Basically it has all the features in your phone transfer to this new Window XP look and feel interface. It look so real, just like our WindowXP on the desktop. Another great breakthrough from MMMOOO.

You can make phone call, create SMS, take photo and others phone features from this interface.

It works on both portrait and landscape mode.

Full support for touch screen. You can bring up the START menu to access the applications on the phone. How great!

Battery level and phone signal status show at the right bottom of the screen.

This is how it look like when we rotate the screen to landscape.

Beside that, you can choose your preference background wallpaper from the pre-defined set provided by the applications.

It even has the Window Explorer to access the camera and files

And just like Window XP, you can log off or shutdown the application. Cool. = )

I was impressed with the graphic details and quality.
And another plus point for this application is it only consume very less of your phone memory-RAM.

So if you want to have this cool application to show off your friends or colleagues, you can get it from MMMOOO.

Enjoy !!

Elite Racing For Your Nokia Phone

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Another racing games from GameLoft.

I personally felt that the graphic of this games is better than the default racing games in our Nokia 5800.

However, it doesn’t utilize the accelerometer features in our Nokia 5800.
You have to touch left/right on the screen to control the cars. There is boost features which you can activate by touching the boost icon.

Elite Racing is the fourth chapter in Gameloft’s long-running mobile racing series.
This game is only supported in Landscape mode. A drawback is it doesn’t support multi-player.

Below are some screen snap from my Nokia 5800.

If you’re a racer, you can download the games here.
Enjoy the game. ^_^

Block Breaker 2 – Not Easy To Game Over

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Yeah, self-explained title. This is a best game for me to waste my time as it is easy to play and not easy to “GAME OVER”

It is frustrated when a GAME is hard to play and always need to restart after a few minutes.

This game is from GameLoft.

Basically it is a block breaker game where you need to bounce the ball to the wall or block in order to break it. Some block will have special power that you can collect. Quite fun when you got all the special power.

And of course, you can download the installer here.

Or if you have Nokia Bar Code Reader, download directly from code below.

Microsoft Window on your Nokia phone – Possible?

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Yes!! It’s possible to install Microsoft Window 3.1 on your Nokia phone now.

Thanks to DosBox, now I manage to install Ms.Window 3.1 on my Nokia 5800.
However it is hard to control the mouse and typing as Nokia5800 doesn’t have keypad. It’s not perfect but it do show us the Power Of Symbian!

How to do it?
Before you continue, I want to warn you that “Install At Your Own Risk”. But since I’m able to install it, I don’t think there is any problem.

First we need to download the DosBox here. Then install the DosBox. DosBox is a Dos emulator.

Then download the Microsoft Window 3.1 here. Unpack the rar file and moved its content to “E:\data\” folder.

You are ready to go now. Run the DosBox and let it auto load the Window 3.1