Now you can SSH from your phone

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Great news, finally we have Putty application for our Nokia 5800.

With this, we can SSH to any of our linux box.

This Symbian Putty is develop by Petteri Kangaslampi and Sergei Khloupnov.

Some screen snap from my Nokia 5800

To send command to it, click on SEND and there are plenty of option for choosing. It also have copy-paste features.

You can even choose your font size and color.

This is a lifesaving application for those who need access to their server everyday while they are on the move.

Installer is available at S2Putty sourceforge page

The most realistic snooker simulation on mobile

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“3D World Snooker Championship” brought to us by

The 3D graphic is impressive and fully utilize the touch screen features on Nokia 5800.

Let the photo tell how impressive is the graphic.

You can play with real players from the top 32 world ranking.

Personally I think this game is quite hard to play with.

But it doesn’t hurt trying if you have time. The installer is available here

Now you can play Mahjong Anywhere and Anytime

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Yeah! Now you can play Mahjong anywhere, anytime on your mobile phone..

Nokia Hong Kong is offering this Traditional Mahjong game for Nokia 5800.

All the rules are the same as the real Mahjong game.

The instruction is in English, good for us. = )

Notification will be given when other players call for cards.

Option will be given to you to choose your next action

The Mahjong tiles images are quite small, so it is better to use stylus to play.
And remember to turn off the on-screen keyword.

What you waiting for? Download the game here. Mahjong For Nokia5800

Alarm Alert Protection For Your Phone

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Your car have alarm system to protect it from being stolen.
Why can’t you have the same system for your mobile phone?

Well, AikonLab had come out with this great alarm application to protect your phone. It’s called nAlertMe (accelerometer-based application).

Basically it has the same function as your car alarm system where it will sound a loud alarm when any movement is detected. So please don’t try it in your office.

In order to deactivate the alarm, you need put your phone in certain positions sequences that you had to predefined earlier.

Beside that, you able to choose your own alarm sound. There is 3 predefined sound set in the application.

If you want to try it, you can download the installer here.

Please take note that this installer is unsigned version, so you need to sign it yourself.

New York Nights 2 – SIM For Mobile

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New York Nights 2 (Friends for Life) is one of the award winning game.
It is the most advanced social SIM type of game for mobiles.

Basically it is about entertainment, adventures, love, and success are waiting for you in the New York city.

Just like other SIM games, you can buy food, talk to other, make phone call and other actions, just like in real life. Beside that, you will experience living in a shared apartment and choose your ideal roommates.

On top of that, you can try to find the true love of your life! Of course, it’s virtual.

Some screen shots,

It is a nice game if you really have time for it. I give up after 5 minutes. Lolz

iPhone Theme For Nokia Phone

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Another product that iPhone lover should own.
It’s called MyPhone Theme.

The icon designed is so much more details compare to Water Theme. This is the most iPhone lookalike theme I’d found so far.

Basically it has iPhone style analogue clock, mash-style signal and battery life, dock bar at the bottom, aqua & translucent on highlight.

Some screen shot from my phone,

All icons are made based on SVG

I like this one the most, elegant calling pad. = )

If you are interested, you can download it from MMMOOO Shop.

Coolest 3D Game for Nokia from China

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Heard of XDancery?
It is the coolest Nokia 3D Games for Nokia 5800 at this moment.
It was develop in China.

Basically this game is all about music and dancing, something like dancing game we play in arcade centre.

The coolest thing is you can choose your own song which you save in the phone.

The graphic is nice and very details compare to most of the current game for Nokia 5800.

If you miss any of the notes, it will deduct your life in the scale of 5 stars. (Refer to the image below). The games end when all 5 stars is gone.

When you have perfect hits, it will increase your stars.

One draw back, this game is in Chinese and I don’t read Chinese. However, the menu is quite straight forward, so you can guess it like what I did. Hehe

You can download the installer here. XDancery (11 MB)

Enjoy yourself !!

All about Nokia Time ( One of it is Talking Clock )

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This post will be all about Nokia Time.
Have you play around with your Nokia 5800 Clock/Time?

There is some hidden features that some of us really don’t know.

Ok, one of it is Talking Clock. Press and hold the “green” button on your phone. Then say “What Time Is It?”. And the MAGIC happen, your phone will answer you with the current time. Don’t believe it? Go and try.

Another thing about Nokia 5800 default clock is it has World Clock. With this world clock, you can add as many timezone/country as you want. And at any time, you can check the current time of the particular country.

This is very useful for people like me because I need to deal with different people at different country and I’m dummy in the timezone stuff, so don’t ask me to deduct/add 5 hours, 8 hours and etc.

One thing that Nokia forget to include in Nokia5800 for its clock features is there is no screen saver for clock (which display time/date). However, there is one awesome 3rd party clock application and it is free.

This application is named as Retro Flicker Clock developed by Pixelsbeatpaper.
The effect of the flick is really nice and looks 3D. You can download it here.

In one of my previous post, I’d talk about MyPhone application which will turn your phone in to iPhone UI. In this application, basically the clock icon is live one and it is moving. How cool!

I’m going review the best game ever for Nokia 5800 (my personal opinion) in my next post. Stay tune.

Moolan – Winner of the Forum Nokia Mobile Games

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What is your latest collection of mobile games?

Mine is Moolan, the winner of the Forum Nokia Mobile Games University Competition 2009.

Basically it is just a normal games using the accelerometer to control the shuttle by tilting
your phone right or left. The objective is to stay clear of surrounding and landing safety to your base.

So Why I write about Moolan? What so special about it?
Well, this is because it also use the proximity sensor of the Nokia 5800 as a feature in the game.
This proximity sensor can be use to accelerate your shuttle.
Other features are refill your fuel shaking the phone.

It is a fun game that doesn’t need much of your brain processor. Hehe.
So it is suitable for you to waste time.

When I move my phone to the left, the shuttle move to the left as well.

When I holding my finger over the new proximity sensor, the shuttle accelerate.

One drawback of this game is I cannot finish Level 3. Crap.
So whoever able to finish Level 3, please let me know how.

You can download the game here for free. MooLan (unsigned)
This is unsigned version, you need to sign it yourself.

Nokia 5800 On Water

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Here is one of my favorite theme.
It is called Water, designed by Delik.

If you are one of the iPhone fan, you should have this theme.
This is because most of the icons are converted to iPhone icons, so that you will have the iPhone feel.

As for me, i like the water moist that look so darn real.
It kind of giving me a nice and comfort feel everytime i look at it.

Notice that selected menu will glow in yellow color.

One of the drawback of this theme is the icons are not details enough.

If you want to add this theme to your collection, you can download it free from here.
Water 07 by Delik

Or if you have QR Decoder, decode this and download directly to your phone.