How to access Ovi-Store using WIFI

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Lately there had been quite a lot of Nokia use complaints about OVI Store issue where they unable to browser OVI Store using their WIFI connection.

They mention that whenever they started the Ovi Store, it will automatically connect using their data plan (3G/2G). Actually this is not a problem on Ovi Store.

Let me explain and show you how to enable back your WIFI to browse Ovi Store.

1. Go to Menu List, click on “Internet” icon.

2. Then click on “Web” icon.

3. After that, click on the “Options” menu and choose “Settings”

4. Choose the “General” link.

5. You can see that there is a “Access point” option, change the value to “Ask when needed”.

6. Exit and go to Ovi Store.

7. Now it will prompt you which type of connection you want to use to browse Ovi Store.

Hope this is helpful for you all. = )

Best Weather App for Nokia

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This is the best weather application for my Nokia 5800 so far.

It combines the detailed everyday forecasts for 10,000 cities worldwide from several weather sources with the beauty and friendliness of up-to-date satellite images on a 3D Globe.

Some snap shot that I took from my phone. View to believe!

You can add in more cities, change the display unit and others.

This is the 3D Globe I mentioned. Cool right?

Download SPB Weather

Multitouch Pocket Piano for Nokia 5800

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Pocket piano basically is a virtual piano.
It come with excellent sound and large number of functions, such as multitouch, two full octave of notes and records.

(This image is not real screenshot from the application, it just for display purpose)

Try it here for free
Pocket Piano

Play Air Hockey using your Nokia Phone

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Heard of Air Hockey? The one that we used to play in arcade centre.

It’s now available for your nokia phone. And surprisingly it is very interactive and no lagging at all.

I personally rate as 8/10.

Download it here for free. AIR HOCKEY

Free Vuvuzela Application for Nokia

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Thanks to MMMOOO, now we can have vuvuzela application in our Nokia phone. I’d been searching for this vuvuzela application for Nokia since the World Cup 2010 started few weeks back but failed to find it. But now, we can have it for free !

I’d show it to my colleagues and they were like wow… can change color somemore. ^_^

Beside that, the sound that it produce was 99.99% alike to the vuvuzela sound when you watching the World Cup match live.

Downlond here MMMOOO VUVUZELA (it is free!)

2010 World Cup Coverage On Mobile

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Now you can have the latest updated coverage for 2010 World Cup directly from South Africa.

This application provide the live game data. It allow you to follow your team throughout South Africa and enjoy a feature-rich multimedia experience with live game scores, schedules, standings, and more.

Additional features include star player profiles, photos and videos, venue information and interactive voting to pick your favorites.

Download AP 2010 World Cup Coverage

Cracked Screen Trip on Your Mobile Phone

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Picobros had created an application that can be use as a trick to play a con job at your friend showing that your phone screen had crack.

It works for me, you might want to try it out. : )

Download it here for free

The BlackBerry Family

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I really didn’t know that the Blackberry got so many different models until I get to hold it..

5001 Amazing Facts on your mobile phone

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This application is a collection of 5001 world’s most amazing, interesting and amusing facts!!

Download Here

Tekken Mobile – See it to believe!!

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Tekken Mobile brings us the famouse Tekken console games to our Nokia 5800.
Confirm that you will be enjoying the battle to the top of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Below are the key features of the games
- Highly detailed 2D characters and backgrounds.
- A variety of unique game modes such as Arcade, Story, Training, VS and Tekken Force Mode.
- Standard and Advanced combat controls to cater for player skill levels
- Bluetooth enabled multiplayer VS match making.
- A variety of unique character special moves and up to ten hit combo attacks.
- Unlock new outfits, modes and even create your own custom outfits.

Free download available here