How come iPad2 Safari Browser Bookmark ‘+’ button is missing?

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Today I learned why iPad2 Safari Browser Bookmark ‘+’ button missing.

I remember clearly that there was a ‘+’ button in my safari browser for my iPad1. (look like below)

Normally I used this button to add bookmark. But how come it is missing in iPad2 (newer version of iOS)?

How to add bookmark then?! I’d been ignoring adding bookmark for few months because I cannot find the “+” button.

And today finally I found out how to add bookmark for iPad2 or newer version of iOS.

It had been replaced by the arrow button!! Stupid me! How can I not notice that for so long! = (

Window 8 – Makeover new blue screen

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Today I learned that Window 8 had a new makeover their blue screen.

My first attempt for installing window8 on my VMWARE had failed and it display as below:

It show “HAL initialization failed”…

Anyhow, the new appearance of blue screen doesn’t stress us as much as previous one.. = )

p/s: If you want to try it out, you can download the Developer Preview version here.
Window 8 Developer Preview

How to add Custom Ringtone for iPhone

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Today I learned how to add custom ringtone to iPhone.
After watching Smurf yesterday, my wife keep asking me to help her to change her iPhone ringtone to Smurf Happy Song. So I have to googled and find how to do it.

First you need to open your “mp3″ file using iTunes.
Then right click on the song and choose “Get Info”.

After that, go to the “Options” tab. Then you need to trim the song as iPhone only allow song with length less than 30 seconds to be use as ringtone.

To trim the song, you can change the “Start Time” and “Stop Time” as below:

After done, click OK.
Next, you need to convert the file to “m4a” type. Right click on the song again, choose “Create AAC Version”. This will create a new file with extension “m4a” in your list.

Now is the tricky part. You need to go and find the physical file of the “m4a”. Normally it is located in “My Music” -> “iTunes..blablabla” folder.

After you find the song, change the file extension to “m4r”.

After that, go back to your iTunes and delete the “m4a” file in your list. (This steps is very important!!)

Then go to your Ringtone menu in your iTunes. Your song should be listed there by now.

Next step is so simple, plug in your iPhone and sync your Ringtone.

After that, your custom ringtone will be listed in your iPhone!

Gas Hob is running on battery?

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Today I learned that our normal gas hob is actually running on battery.
How so?

This is how a gas hob look like (some people call it portable stove?)

Now try to look at the bottom part the hob itself.

Sorry for poor photo quality as it was taken in low light condition..

Battery FOUND!!


What is this battery use for?
This battery actually is use to create electric/fire spark to burn the gas.
So next time, if you cannot start your hob, make sure you check the battery first!