Bouncy Easter Egg Live Wallpaper [Free]

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This is one of the most interactive Easter Egg Live Wallpaper that I’d ever found in the market.

All the Easter egg in this Live Wallpaper will be bouncing around based on the gravity physic! Actually it is using your accelerator feature in your phone to detect the movement.

Features included in this Live Wallper are as below:-
– Tap on the empty area to add in more Easter egg. (50 eggs)
- Move your phone around and all the Easter egg will react based on gravity physic. It’s real!
- Touch on the Easter egg and you will see the egg itself bounce hard. Really hard!
- You can change the background photo from our pre-defined list.

They are also having a full donate version which include more features as below :
– No limit of Easter egg can be added to screen.
- You can change the background photo from your phone gallery.
- You can customize the elastic level of the Easter egg. I can tell you that this feature bring a lot of fun!
- You can add in some bunny particle shadow. Nice effect

You can go directly to the Web Market to download it.

Free Bouncy Easter Egg Live Wallpaper

Or can use this QR Code to download directly from your phone.