Wild Sno @ Pavilion KL

If you going visit Pavilion this weekend, remember to stop by at Sno Shake at Lot P1.09.02, Level 1.


Because you can play with iPad for free!!

Haha, really mer? Nolar… The iPad is actually use as medium for ordering system. Cool right?

And again, what is this Wild Sno Shake?
Snö is the craziest way to have your much loved ice cream or frozen yogurt dessert! They serve shakes and smoothies that are BLENDED with premium imported chocolates, fresh fruits and yummy toppings! Kit Kat’s, Coffee, Reese’s Peanut Butter, Jaffa cakes, Snickers, Kellogg’s Frosties, Bananas, Coco Puffs, Marshmallows, Oreo’s, Mars Bars…you named it, they have it!

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Taipei Taipei – Best Mince Pork Rice !

Last week, Eddie mention about the best mince pork rice / braised pork rice can be found in Subang Avenue. After tested the braised pork rice during my last trip to Taiwan, I’d been craving for any good braised pork rice here in Malaysia but failed to find one.

So last Sunday, me and xtine decided to go to Taipei Taipei @ Subang Avenue.
Come to our surprise, this place was nicely decorated with comfortable ambience’s . Especially the chair is super comfy!! I can sit there for whole day! = )

We ordered a braised pork rice (I ordered 2x!), steamed lemon fish, mocha with pearl, green tea and spicy oily noodle.

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