KFC Egg Tart – Not so nice ler..

I was first introduced to KFC egg tart during my business trip to Hong Kong. Since I don’t like HK local food, I settle most of my meal at KFC or McD. = )

The egg tart was so nice until I rated it as best tart from HK. It look so crispy but once you put in your mouth, it melt away! OMG…YUMMY!

As you all know, currently KFC Malaysia also start introduce egg tart. I was so happy to see this and decide to buy some on my way back from office today.

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Hairy Crab from Lake Tai at Dragon-I

It’s time for hairy crab again! This year, Dragon-I is bringing in the hairy crab again directly from China to Malaysia. No need to go to China or HongKong for this anymore!

Since Xtine missed the chances to tried out the hairy crab last year, I brought her to Dragon-I few weeks back.

However we didn’t ordered the default set as I personally think that it doesn’t worth it. So we ordered ala-carte style.

We ordered a Yong Chow-style fried rice. For those who don’t know, this fried rice is originated from the Yangzhou province where Dragon-I’s head chefs come from.

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The truth about iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Found this photo from csectioncomics.com. It’s damn true!!

Android Mini Collectibles Series 1

Few weeks ago, me and my colleagues had ordered some android mini collectibles design by Andrew Bell. However, the version we bought are OEM from China (in other word, fake one..haha)
This is because the original version has been out of stock since last August. Early next year, they will come out with series 02. Can’t wait for it.

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