Emperor Q at Pavilion

Heard of Emperor Q in Pavilion?

It is a casual restaurant/cafe located at Pavilion, Level 1. Since we are looking for new place to dine beside the teppanyaki (my favourite) before our movie start, we decide to give it a try.

We ordered a “3 Cup Chicken” which is a famous dishes in Taiwan.

The taste was OK, which mean OK only, no less and no more than that. Can’t wait to try the original one from Taiwan during my trip in the next 2 weeks. = )

Beside that we ordered another spinach fried with garlic. Not bad.

And the nicest thing we ordered is this!

It is a red bean shake. Super nice!! A Must TRY!

Me and my red bean shake….

Xtine said: “Yum cha..”

Overall, it was a good place to dine. Clean, food was ok, and price was ok as well..

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