Emperor Q at Pavilion

Heard of Emperor Q in Pavilion?

It is a casual restaurant/cafe located at Pavilion, Level 1. Since we are looking for new place to dine beside the teppanyaki (my favourite) before our movie start, we decide to give it a try.

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Coffee – The Devil’s Brew

One morning, suddenly get the idea to capture a series of the devil’s brew that I drink every day.

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Lasagna for Dummies

Nowadays, there are a lot of book for dummy like VB.net for dummies, iPhone for dummies, etc.

Today I’m going to show you what is called lasagna for dummy.

This is the simple pack that I bought from Pavilion.

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Still finding nice Japanese food at Cheras?

Still finding for nice Japanese food in Cheras? The waiting is over. = )

Last week, me and my colleague went to this nice Japanese restaurant at Aman Damai Cheras.

What I can tell you is the food was ichiban!

Here is the sneak preview some of the foods…

Stay tune, full review will come soon..

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