Putrajaya Flora Festival 2010 – Part 1

Here are some of the photos that I took during the Putrajaya Flora Festival 2010 last 2 weeks.

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Durian, Durian and Durian

Last weekend, my colleagues planned for a durian trip which made me so excited. ^_^
Durian was my favourite fruit long time ago, however due to Xtine cannot even smell the durian, so I said goodbye to my durian. = (

Ok, back to the story. The trip was cancelled!! OMG!!
End up very dissappointed, but I’m still craving so much for the durian. (Since Xtine still at US),

I drove to Jusco near by my house and bought this!!

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Instant Seafood Soup for my breakfast

Today I decided to make myself a seafood soup for my breakfast. (of course it is instant one).

It was the Knorr Seafood Mix instant soup that I bought few days back.

The steps was as easy as 1,2,3 because it only contain 3 steps. lolz.

Step 1: Boil water.
Step 2: Throw all the content of the package into the water.
Step 3: Add a well mixed egg in.

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Saya beli telur RM 1.05 sebiji !

Yes, I had really bought an egg that cost me RM1.05 for one.
Why so expensive? Because this is not normal egg, it is claimed to be Pasteurized DHA Eggs!

Wow. The name seems to be very “to kong” (powerful).
This is how it look like. In a pack of 6, it cost RM6.30.

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GCB – Best Burger Ever from McD !

GCB which also called as Great-Tasting Chicken Burger. Based on McD website, you can called it as Grilled, Glorious, Gorgeous!

For me, I just called it as Best Burger from McD ! Seriously, the grilled chicken meat is so juicy and moist. Better than Prosperity Burger for sure…

Let’s enjoy the process of ‘unboxing’ of the GCD Burger. = p

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