Scam using Bukit Aman phone line

I had just experience this myself today at 1.40pm, 30th June 2010.

Someone called me from this number: 03-26163822 and claim that he is Inspector Liew from Bukit Aman.
Inspector Liew confirm my name and I said yes.
Then he explain that he calling because there was a case in HK where 2 guys (he mention 2 names which sound familiar to me) had been caught by HK police for drug smuggling.
And they found my Citibank account details on that. (WTF, I don’t even have any Citibank Card or Account).

Then he said that this is now a very serious case and if I want to cover myself, I need to call the HK police at 00852-65207072 to find Inspector Wong Kuan and report the case.
He also gave me his personal number 016-3901947. This start to sound fishy to me as my first thought was it might be my friend playing prank with me through radio station like OneFM.
But then, this Inspector Liew hangs up the line.

So I call back to the originator number 03-26163822. Surprisingly it is really Bukit Aman Police Station. I ask for Inspector Liew and the nice lady who pickup told me that this whole thing is a scam. She said that there were already a lot of people been scam by this. It was an international scam group who hacks and steals the Bukit Aman line. She mentions that when you call the HK number, they will ask you a lot of question about your account number and etc, which will end up; they transfer all your money out. (I really don’t know how they do that by just knowing your account number).

So please spread this news to all your friend to make sure they don’t fall under this stupid scam.

[Updated Recording when they call me again!]

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179 Responses to “Scam using Bukit Aman phone line”

  1. Scam using Bukit Aman phone line « Eddie Lim’s Blog Says:

    [...] [...]

  2. kenwooi Says:

    scam sucks! =/

  3. Raz Says:

    Same thing just happened to me this morning. I found it fishy as well. Its amazing though that they know my full name, ic number and bank account number. Be careful people!

  4. dragoncity Says:

    Suprise!! They called me again this morning..and repeat the same story. This time, I record down the conversation but too bad only part of it..

  5. Raymond Says:


    Hello, all this are the work of so called African and Nigerian bogus students staying at Pusat Bandar Puchong, Wawasan Puchong and Pusat Bandar Puteri. They look so old entering daily into Malaysia through student visas and all of them sitting at Bus stops and Cyber cafes cheating the Malaysians. The immigration DG and Higher Education DG are taking bribes from private colleges and approving student visas for the jungle Africans. Please read newspapers the havoc the Africans are doing now in Malaysia. Prime Minister Najib is not doing anything about this matter.

  6. KKK Says:

    Fuck those African Niggas!!! Those fucking slaves!!! They should all go and fucking die!!!!
    Useless black niggas assholes!!! Lets wipe out all the black niggas from the face of this earth!!!

  7. Jackie Says:

    Hi Dragoncity, thanks for your info…
    I received the call from inspector Chong tis morning (exactly the same as urs)n so panic. Luckily i google n found ur link…Thanks a lot!

    I will spread the this news to everyone!!!

  8. Simon Says:

    Haha, I had the same experience(17/August 12:50 noon) as what mentioned by dragoncity. The number appeared at my mobile phone is +326163822, the person talked to me identify himself as “Inspector Su” (but sound like a Malay guy).

    He could clearly read my name and the place I am staying (I wonder where he retrived my data from?) He claimed that I was involved in a case and has been sent out the letter to ask me to report to Bukit Aman for a long time bla bla bla…

    I felt fishy about this and sort of heard the scam story before. I stopped the conversation by given an excuse and would return call to him.

    When I ask for the contact details, he provide the following number 26163822 (he told me that a lady will pick up and past line to him) and his mobile number is 016-6178171.

    I believed this is the same group of ppl.

    Please watch out…

  9. Casey Says:

    Hi DragonCity

    Last two days I have the same experience but this times the local police man is call Mr FOO..

    I believe they are not well verse in BAHASA and ENGLISH.. They are target Chinese only.

    Thanks for the info. Hope you can link your site to Facebook or friendster or any others social web so we can share it to others.

    The more people know about it, they will not have the chance to scam people..

  10. Sun Sun Says:

    HI All,

    I just received the call from +326163822, and he claimed he is Inspector Foo, and said about people used my name and identification to opening Citibank account and has RM 250,000 inside. If not I tried to search against this number, I would really go to the Bukit Aman to “see” Inspector Foo tomorrow.

  11. Viva Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I had the same call as well today at 12.00pm, and the caller said he is from Bukit Aman and intentionally sounded very hostile and aggressive. The number appearing on my phone is +326163822. I hang up and shortly after, he called back again. And again in an intimidating tone, tried to say that I am implicated in a money laundering scam involving a Mr. Yap Chi Leong and a Mr. Tan something.
    So I asked for more information, and he mentioned he is from Jenayah Commercial Tingkat 17 Block C, and his contact is +03-26123822.
    Then I told him that I will meet him in a police station again and asked him where. The line was cut-off, and then he called back three more times; and I do not bother to pick up anymore.
    When I called the number he gave, a lady picked up and said it is wrong number.
    I am calling Maxis (since I am using Maxis, not sure if you fellas are the same) to report this and expect them to block the incoming call. Will see if Maxis can assist.
    Please let your love ones know about this.

  12. Dezz Says:

    Bro, we go meet him with our A5 and X7, swee swee on him.. How? Swee and Hoe?? If on, I courier my P99 down from Penang. hehehe..

  13. Leonard Ong Says:

    Got a call today from ASP Foo Wai Min from 0326163822. Same story – suspected it was a scam but planned on going to Bukit Aman just in case. Lucky I googled this.

  14. TAN Says:

    I received similar call fr Insp Chong boo khin fr bkt aman yerterday afternoon (11-10-10). The no appeared in my hp is +326163822. He is fr commercial crime D4.He told me I ‘m involved in a serious crime case. The polices have arrested 2 chinese man and these 2 man said I let them use my citibank saving a/c for them to do the illegal activity. I know this is a scam as I don’t have citibank a/c! So I did not panic, the guy seem like “tak boleh tahan” with my “tak apa” attitude, and he raised his voice, try to make me scare. He can spelled out my name and IC no. correctly. I straight away ask him what he want, he did not expect me to ask this question and just repeat the above story. After that he said he will send warrant to me. i said OK. I also told him I will call bkt aman to verify his identity.

    What bkt aman police and the government is doing? so many scam is happening every day, repeat and repeat, is our society sick already? why people want to earn this kind of dirty money? they will go to hell one day.

  15. 33 Says:

    OMg this is so freaking scary~luckily i google this…i receive a call from insp Chong Boo Khin who claimed he is from bkt aman d4 commercial crime.
    same,they said my bro involved in this citibank wtf commercial crime. damn i do get shocked at first honestly but then i keep asking what his pose in bkt aman what his full name etc. he begin sounds nervous with his terrible english.

    i decide to call to bkt aman to verify all these,luckily i found this blog.
    Thank You so much~ we should tell everyone about this to prevent this kind of case.
    i will totally curse this international scam group! they screwed up my nice sunday sleep! arghh…!

  16. infinitygene Says:

    i got a call too. this time he uses the identity of Liao Khin Seng. same incident with 2 guys from hk bla bla bla, but i didn’t let him finished, that’s why i’m curious and googled it. but can someone tell me how they plan to scam me with my citibank account?

  17. ABC Says:

    I just received the call too, claimed from Bukit Aman and their number appear at my hp is +322662222. They told me the same story ….got citibank account …atm at hongkong….blah blah blah

  18. Whopcy Says:

    Thanks, all! I received a similar call just now & ‘ASP Foo’ was so helpful & friendly that I trusted him…scared half dead, tried to call HONG KONG…until I googled & read all these!

  19. KK Says:

    i just got call saying from bukit aman saying something donation bla bla bla!

  20. BB Says:

    Hi Guys Thanks or this website. My mother just got a number 0322662222 a gentleman spoke in broken malay initially so he insisted if my mother spoke chinese hastily.
    “I am calling from Bukit Aman Police station ASP Inspector Foo, you are involved in a criminal case in illegal money laundering, we caught two gentleman who claimed to be friends of yours and was instructed by you. We also found your IC number ….(it was correct) and everything in HK police, now HK police request Bukit Aman police to help. You need to clarify your name spelling correctly….(it was correct). You must remember your IC number go check now! (we lied of course we dont know our IC number).
    “If you dont confirm your IC number or give us your cooperation, I will SAMAN you, bukit aman will ISSUE an ORDER to force you to come over”
    …..we hanged up.
    Please pass this message!

  21. BB Says:

    Gosh, They are calling my other handphone number too. 0392224960 and 0392222233 watch it!

  22. Jeff Says:

    Thx Dragoncity n u all guys. I just got a call from 03-22662222 from ASP Foo Wai Min (but sounds like a Malay chap) about the same shit as u guys.
    Luckily after talking, I googled it.

  23. Cheong Soon Fatt Says:

    Received the same scam from this number 0322662222

    Is a Malay guy not african. He repeat the story of again and he know my IC number and my passport no.

    Why don’t the police doing anything about this.

    The story is about money laundering. Becareful people. Especially the eldery.

  24. tmnet guy Says:

    Same Same, received call from 03-22662222 this morning.

    Malay guy oso, knows my name and accusing me involving in money laundering, please be alert! I suspect they got this info from bank, I went cimb bank bandar baru bangi day before to perform western union transfer, the info should leak out from there.

  25. Eriksan Says:

    HaHa, happen to me today. Says his name is Foo Wei Min (He does exist in Bkt Aman. Currently on further studies in Australia)I told him will meet him in Bkt Aman and thats when he became evasive and I hang up.

  26. Serene Says:

    My dad received this similar story in this morning as well. I wondering what police didn’t take action since they provide the m’sia contact number. I though now even we need to register details for our prepaid handphone line? They should investigate the number own by who.. sad case. Please beware all. And thx to sharing your story so we know this is scam call.

  27. Ms Kang Says:

    thank you so much for the sharing Dragoncity. I received exactly the same call using scam technique. Bukit Aman number is different, the number i received call from was 03-2616 3999. Two so-call Malaysia Bukit Aman guys talk to me, one named Tuan Leong, the other one name asp Foo Wei Min, who claimed himself as Comercial Crime dept. hp# given to me is 014-3649985. HK number is exactly the same 85265207072.

  28. Leonidas Says:

    I got the same thing this morning, exact same number posted by Ms Kang 03-2616 3999, describing himself as ASP Wong, mentioned 2 names to me, saying caught them in Penang and so on, and these 2 guys mentioned my name, something like that, and asked me to meet them at Level 3, Bukit Aman, and give me a DIGI mobile number – did not recall that number, because I was not paying attention to it, as I guessed it has to be a scam.
    Thanks to all the guys and girls here for the tips.

  29. EddyLee Says:

    Same thing happened to me this morning. Luckily I have been warned by a friend about this scam.

    My concern is how these buggers have our particulars, ie name, ic, bank acc numbers etc. What is Bkt Aman doing about it since this has been happening since 2009? Are banks in league with these scammers?

  30. JLau Says:

    Some low life calling from 03-22662222 claiming to be Bkt Aman I/O (investigating officer) and demanded me to go to Bkt Aman on Friday. He even asked me whether I speak Chinese and I say no as I liked to speak in Bahasa Melayu. He threatened to have court issue summons to me if I don’t see him.

    Just want to add to comments here so that more ppl aware of this “sampah masyarakat”.

  31. jaqq Says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Seems like this is the same case all over again. I received a call of the same nature just minutes ago from a different number – 03-2616 3999.
    I did not catch the name of the 1st caller.

    The 2nd person on the line (because the 1st one was speaking Chinese, and I requested an English speaker) claims himself to be a :
    Mohd Khairul bin Mohd Ali

    Just to share with u all, This is how the conversations went ….

    xx : Excuse me, are u Ms Lim G L
    Me : Yes? Speaking.

    xx : OK I am calling from Bukit Aman (POLICE HQ). Your name are linked to a drug smuggling case. We need you to come in to do verification. Can you come now?

    Me : HUH?!? A drug what..? Excuse me, I’m actually in Sarawak. How am I suppose to go ‘over’??

    xx : Yes, we have apprehended two man. Do you know a Mr Lam x x and a Mr XYZ (din catch the name).

    Me : Nope. I know even know any person by surname Lam.

    xx : Are you sure?? They both from Sabah.

    Me : Nope. Dont even know anyone from Sabah at all.

    xx : But your name is xxx & IC number is xxx (all infor were Corrects..amazing!)and when apprehended this 3 man have ur HSBC bank book with them with you name. They’re both in HK now.

    Me : Hah! I don’t even have a HSBC account lar. I better clarify with my Local bank. I believe this is a mistake.. and a case of Fraud.

    xx : OK. Do you have a Fax machine? I can fax over the statement to you.

    Me : Hmn..I’m now in the office. I dont want to use the company Fax for this. I need to source for a personal fax. Give me your name and number and I’ll get back to you.

    xx : OK. Call us back at this number 03-2616 3999. I’m Mohd Khairul bin Mohd Ali. Police ID : CS 396569. Call us back OK..

    Me : OK & Hang Up.(Yeah yeah.. after I call the official Bukit Aman and bank n etc… )
    Police ID# : CS 396569

    Luckily I google and found this Blog! Thanks for sharing DragonCity!

    And I even call the the official Bukit Aman helpdesk. After the officer on duty heard my story… he told me to tell the people to go “FLY KITE” when they called again.. LOL!!
    and Share with you FRIEND.

  32. rowena Says:

    hey there, my mum got the same exact thing as Jaqq, everything the same only thing its for money laundering. so be careful guys.


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  35. amphan Says:

    first of all, i must say thanks a lot to all of you. i rec. a similar call this morning saying that is a call from bukit aman. i think i rad before this type of phone and not really entertain the caller. after hangup the phone, i check ,so shock to see it is really using bkt aman tel to call me….03-22662222…

  36. Alex Says:

    I received a call from 03-22662222 about the same scam. Luckily i google this website.. Sindicate is getting smarter. Anyway, i will pass this message to my frens that i know. Started since 2010, not sure how many will be caught by these ppl.

  37. jack ho Says:

    me too get the call from bkt aman. 22662222. Lucky found this website. Will spread d news around. Stupid inspector chong.

  38. james Says:

    I got a call from some one who claimed himself from royal malaysia police interpol. Then i received another call claiming to be from interpol which i checked later on and found out that it is a fax number of interpol malaysia …and i was wondering why would some one call me from fax machine number if the case is really genuine and I see that it is nothing but a scam.

  39. Daniel Lee Says:

    Anyone made a report to the police?
    I wonder how they know our IC number?

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  41. andy Says:

    sorry for disturb! may i ask a question here?can i knw whr 2 do the complaints to polis bukit aman? can tell me d website or address?

  42. Christel Tribou Says:

    I do not leave many comments, but i did a few searching and wound up here dRaGonCiTY » Blog Archive » Scam using Bukit Aman phone line. And I do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Could it be only me or does it look like some of these responses come across like written by brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are posting on other sites, I’d like to follow everything fresh you have to post. Could you list of every one of all your community pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  43. Fiona Says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog when I googled for scams like this.

    I received a similar call this morning from 03 20319999 from a male caller with the same story. Scary thing was he knew my full name and ic. I suspected it was a prank call the moment he became rude so I stalled and hung up.

    Thank God for the internet because I found out many people received similar calls!

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