Scam using Bukit Aman phone line

I had just experience this myself today at 1.40pm, 30th June 2010.

Someone called me from this number: 03-26163822 and claim that he is Inspector Liew from Bukit Aman.
Inspector Liew confirm my name and I said yes.
Then he explain that he calling because there was a case in HK where 2 guys (he mention 2 names which sound familiar to me) had been caught by HK police for drug smuggling.
And they found my Citibank account details on that. (WTF, I don’t even have any Citibank Card or Account).

Then he said that this is now a very serious case and if I want to cover myself, I need to call the HK police at 00852-65207072 to find Inspector Wong Kuan and report the case.
He also gave me his personal number 016-3901947. This start to sound fishy to me as my first thought was it might be my friend playing prank with me through radio station like OneFM.
But then, this Inspector Liew hangs up the line.

So I call back to the originator number 03-26163822. Surprisingly it is really Bukit Aman Police Station. I ask for Inspector Liew and the nice lady who pickup told me that this whole thing is a scam. She said that there were already a lot of people been scam by this. It was an international scam group who hacks and steals the Bukit Aman line. She mentions that when you call the HK number, they will ask you a lot of question about your account number and etc, which will end up; they transfer all your money out. (I really don’t know how they do that by just knowing your account number).

So please spread this news to all your friend to make sure they don’t fall under this stupid scam.

[Updated Recording when they call me again!]

My visit to Paparich today

Today while everyone else still running/walking/give up on Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010, we went to Paparich for our breakfast. It is located opposite Jaya Jusco Equine Park, just open for 2 months if I’m not mistaken and the business seems to be quite good.

In the menu, I saw this.
Papa Energy Detox Tea with Honey (Detox and energy booster herbal tea)

Due to lack of sleep lately (World Cup symptom), I decided to give it a try. Order the one with ice.
It also mention that it contain blend of 7 herbs, help burn fat and boosts metabolism with antioxidants
. Wow. Must be good stuff. All in one.

And this is how the drink look like…

It look like normal ice lemon tea. And guess what? It taste like ice lemon tea as well !! WTF!

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Christine @ Putrajaya

Last month, we went to Putrajaya for a short photoshoot session at Putrajaya after sending my baby vios for servicing.

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Going to UPM Research Farm

This is UPM research farm. Went in not more than 20 minutes, the guard already chase us out…

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A trip to Pulau Ketam

Few months ago, few of us decided to go to Pulau Ketam for a one day trip. It had been 8 years since my last visit to Pulau Ketam.

I suggested that we went there by KTM (which was a very big mistake, haiya..)

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