Air Asia introducing another fee called Convenience Fee!!

Today when I was doing online booking for my flight back to Sarawak on coming April, I found that Air Asia had introduced a new fee called Convenience Fee!

It was implemented since last November. OMG. I’d a feeling that lately Air Asia keep on introducing additional fee to their air ticket basic price and this is not so good for us.

The price for my ticket suppose to be RM 224.60 but the Convenience Fee cost me another RM 10.00

Convenience Fee....

Convenience Fee....

And you must be wondering what the heck is this Convenience Fee (which is not so convenience to me)

Well, based on the explanation on the net, this fee is use to maintain the online payment system. WTH!

Why we have to bear the cost? What about you, do you think we should bear the cost?

Happy Chinese New Year from dRaGonCiTY

Been missing for a while due to migrating dRaGonCiTY from Blogger to Wordpress due to Blogger no longer supporting FTP features.

Here I would like to wish all my reader a Happy Chinese New Year 2010 and a Great Year Ahead

Lion Dance @ Sarikei

Lion Dance @ Sarikei

Stay tuned, more post going to come. Cheers!

Free products from Tupperware.

Finally the package had arrived. We been waiting for it for quite a while already.

What is inside this package?

Yeah, it is a Tupperware product that Christine won from the Eco Tupperware Reduce Reuse contest not so long ago. All you have to do is just filling in a form and put a reason why you need the Tupperware products.

What we got is a tumbler and lunch box. Not bad but the bottle not so suitable for us. Going to give it away. ^_^

Anyhow, thanks to Tupperware for the products.

On the other hand, we all should be more concern on environmental friendly concept. We should reuse anything that we can.
What we do today will reflect what happen tomorrow.

p/s: Me myself are not so environmental friendly actually. Hehe

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