Come and feel the snow at Pavilion KL

Yes. Come and feel the Christmas joy and SNOW here at Pavilion KL.

Everyday 8:00pm to 8:30pm, there will be snowflake here at Level 3, Bukit Bintang entrance, Pavilion. You will know where it is based on the superb crowd.

Here are the crowds just before the event started..

The snow is coming, peoples start taking photo and videos..

More snowflake…

Let us felt the Christmas coming to town…

And I managed to snap a short video here. The snowflake really looks real. (It is actually made of bubble, like those snow car wash stuff..)

I ate some Donkey Meat today !!

It was freezing out there… currently on business trip to Hong Kong.
We are having our dinner at one of the local restaurant beside our Hotel at Wan Chai.

And Phil saw something on the menu.. DONKEY MEAT!! haha. new stuff..

Without much consideration we ordered a plate of donkey meat. (around HKD 50)

It is imported directly from China. So still consider fresh..
There was actually some research saying that donkey meat is healthier than beef.

How does it taste?
Actually it taste like luncheon meat. But the meat texture are more tender.

Beside that, we also ordered some other dishes ..

This is nice… pork meat and …

What is this? It is not plastic. = p

My doctor gave me this….

My doctor gave me this ….
He said this is the only cure for bad broadband..

And I said “Thanks You DiGi!!”

This is my new entry for Your Internet Done Right contest by DiGi to secure my previous entry. ^_^

Pray hard…. hope to get it!!

If you like it too, please support me here. Hehe
Your Internet Done Right

I have DiGi Broadband but…

Recently I had joined the Pimp My Broadband contest by DiGi.
See my entry here and here.

And I was lucky enough to win the free DiGi Broadband package for 3 months plus a free USB modem. Thanks to the yellow man, DiGi.

I was so grateful and happy until I found out that my house doesn’t have DiGi 3G coverage. It only have EDGE and the speed is not ideal.

Ya, you back there, you are right.
You must be thinking that DiGi broadband is meant for mobility.
You can always bring your laptop out!!




How am I going to bring this junk out there with my DiGi broadband ?

Imagine, me sitting at Starbuck with this junk!! =.=”

So I decided to join another DiGi Daily Contest where the prize are HP Mini!!

Hope I can win this!! Me And DiGi

Finally it did blown….

As mention in my previous post [Welcome to blow up my bandwidth], finally my bandwidth had reach the limit a day before the month end.

Finally, I did utilized what I paid for. Haha.

Well, I wouldn’t upgrade now unless it happen again this month.

By the way, did you guys know that DELL Malaysia mistakenly selling 64GB Solid State SATA Hard drive for RM 17!! Yeah, you heard me right. It is only RM 17.

I managed to ordered 1 unit before they take down the page. ^_^

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