My doctor gave me this….

My doctor gave me this ….
He said this is the only cure for bad broadband..

And I said “Thanks You DiGi!!”

This is my new entry for Your Internet Done Right contest by DiGi to secure my previous entry. ^_^

Pray hard…. hope to get it!!

If you like it too, please support me here. Hehe
Your Internet Done Right

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4 Responses to “My doctor gave me this….”

  1. Eldy Says:

    surf fast, die fast xD .. be aware with the fair usage, 3GB per month ?! maybe during this promotion period nothing is going to happen.. but after tat .. u really need to pray xD

  2. kenwooi Says:

    haha this is creative! =D

  3. conan_cat Says:

    haha i love ur ideas!! great job there! :D

  4. Dragon City Says:

    So far so good. We will see how.. hehe

    I crack my brain for this…. = p

    Conan Cat,
    Thanks bro!! = p
    Hope can win..

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