I meet Tun Dr Mahathir @ Pavilion

When I was back from HongKong last week, we went to Pavilion for the snowflake event.
And I saw him.. our Tun Dr Mahathir, the leader of the country for more than 20 years.
It is not an easy job and he deserve our respect and honors.

When I shake his hand, I found that, man, he is really old. His hand is cold and not warm as he look like.

I had this kind mixed feeling for taking photo with him. Come on, he just want to walk around in the shopping complex but everyone rush over and take photo with him. And he is so nice to take photo with everyone that come forward. Man, give he a chance to walk around and enjoy his shopping.

If you want to know more about our Tun Dr Mahathir, you can visit his blog here at Che Det

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12 Responses to “I meet Tun Dr Mahathir @ Pavilion”

  1. Dylan Phuah Says:

    wow! lucky you! :)

  2. KwOnG FeI Says:

    i'm so envy of u
    he is my idol!!!!

  3. Dragon City Says:

    Haha… once a while lor.. ^_^

    Kwong Fei,
    Maybe you can try go to The Loaf, he might be there as that is his shop.
    = )

  4. Bengbeng Says:

    he is remarkably well for his age all factors considered

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I don't share your enthusiasm for this man. To me, and I am sure others, this is the man who destroyed Malaysia. You'll see in time to come.

  6. Calvin Ken Lee Says:


  7. Dragon City Says:

    Yeah, he has made it till this far..

    Everyone had their own opinion and thought. = )

    LOL ?

  8. ahmad Says:

    man….so lucky…

  9. TOLANIC Says:

    He is a nice guy! And her wife is very friendly! =)

  10. jfook Says:

    You are so lucky!!~

  11. eWei Says:

    come on Mr Tang give him a chance to enjoy his shopping…you also among the one disturbing him he he

  12. Dragon City Says:

    hehe… hope more luck to come after Xmas..

    yeah, this is the first time I meet him personally and he is indeed very warm and friendly. = )

    Thanks thanks.. = p

    Haha, I only think of that after I took photo with him. keke..

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