I got myself a DSLR for Christmas

This Christmas, I’d got myself a Digital SLR camera. Weee……
I had been thinking about it for quite a long time and finally made up my mind.

It is Canon 450D which come with the kit lens 18-55mm. My new baby!!

Now Photo Kaki and Photo Malaysia become my new best friend…

Both of the sites really teach me a lot about photography…

More photo to come on this blog..hehe

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21 Responses to “I got myself a DSLR for Christmas”

  1. FeeQ Says:

    Congrats bro… I know the feeling get new baby…
    hehe…trust me XD

  2. KwOnG FeI Says:

    wa.. congrats..
    rich jor wor..
    buy me a christmas present too~

  3. Dragon City Says:

    Haha… so anything to share with me the beginner? = p

    Kwong Fei,
    Thanks.. just got my bonus. = )
    Haha, you already got so many freebies liaw… Merry Xmas!

  4. Nikita Hengbok Says:

    Looks cool. Congrats! ;)

  5. Nikita Hengbok Says:

    Btw, Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year! ^_^

  6. kenwooi Says:

    enjoy taking pics =)


  7. Nabil Says:

    Congrats! Enjoy taking photos! =)

  8. Dragon City Says:

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you too. Wish you have a nice year ahead.. = )

    Sure sure…hehe

    Thanks.. Enjoying my new toys now..
    = p

  9. David Jr Says:

    Nice and Congrats! Sure your pics now will be much nicer!


  10. Jimmy T Says:

    Congratz! Wish I have one!

  11. Bo the Nerd Says:

    merry xmas! and congrats on your new baby. will getting mine soon. cant wait!

  12. xox `Lyng` xox Says:

    wow nice! so jealous! XD

    been wanting to get one also.

    where did you get yours?

    hit me back! :D

  13. Nikel Khor Says:

    congrat lor..i wan my dslr too.i dream for it almost evrinite…

    here me at Nikel Khor

  14. The Little Miss Says:

    Awesome !! I've been thinking about getting one for myself. Though it's pretty costly but it's a great investment, no? ;D

  15. FeeQ Says:

    I'm oso new leh XD

  16. Nigel Chen Says:

    Woot! Grats on getting ur first DSLR! Shoot more and enjoy shooting! Good luck!!! and I believe ur kit lens is 18-55mm rather than 15-55mm. LOL! Happy New Year!!!

  17. Ken Says:

    Cool DSLR!
    Looking forward to ur pics.

  18. Dragon City Says:

    David Jr,
    Thanks, hoping so as now still learning stage..

    Jimmy T,
    Thanks, wish you to get one soon. = p

    Bo the Nerd,
    Cool, what model you plan to get?

    xox `Lyng` xox,
    I get mine at JOne at Amcorp Mall.

    Nikel Khor,
    Don't dream, just close your eye and swipe your card..hehe

    The Little Miss,
    What I can say is "Worth It"!!

    Hehe, then can learn together.. = )

    Nigel Chen,
    Opss..you are right, it is 18-55mm. Corrected it already. = )

    Thanks.. will try to snap nicer photo. = )

  19. TenthOfMarch Says:

    Congratulations. I heard there is a price drop for that model. How much did you get yours for?

  20. Alpha Ace Says:

    welcome to Canon ^__^

    nice pics~!

  21. Dragon City Says:

    Around RM 2280…

    Alpha Ace,

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