This is what we call Magic Glass

I’d been ship to Hong Kong again for a week.
But this time, I’m staying at different hotel as usual because I need to go to different customer office.

Oh ya, lets talk about the Magic Glass.
The bathroom in my room was made of Magic Glass.
What is this Magic Glass?

Let see.

This is my bathroom glass. Nice right?

Here is the magic button.
Press it and what will happen next?

The glass become see through.. WAH!

Amazing!!! ^_^
I was impressed.

Sarawak Kampua – from Hero to Zero

Few months back, I’d introduce the Best of The Best Sarawak Kampua found in KL.

Here are my review earlier.
Exclusively for Sarawakian – Must Read for Sarawakian who live in KL
Sarawak Kampua Revisit

Not so long after that, the stall had moved.

Thanks to my readers, I finally know that they had move to the Strawberry Restaurant Bandar Puteri Puchong. Opposite Giant Hypermarket.

So I had decided to try it out.

Guess what? The quality has drop!!!

It doesn’t have the Sarawak taste anymore.

The noodle itself is too soft. The noodle is totally different from the one we have back at Sarawak.

If you still remember my earlier post, the noodle was imported from Sibu directly, but now, they hand-made it here. No wonder it doesn’t absorb the gravy taste anymore.

Beside that, the soup is tasteless.

Very disappointed with that. = (

p/s: If you still insist want to try it out, please let me know whether there is any improvement or not. Thanks. Good Luck

My new favourite food – Yeah!

Today I’m going to introduce you to my new favourite food.
I also don’t know why lately I was so into this food.

Come, let me bring you to Pavilion Food Court.

Haha, yeah, it is Teppanyaki…
But I only like to eat it here at Pavilion.

All the meal sets come with plain rice and soup.

We ordered a chicken chop set and one slice beef with chili + garlic set.
But actually my favourite is the Tenderloin Steak Set. Highly recommend by me. = )

Let see why I like the food here so much..

So, how was it? Hungry? Tempted?
Come fast… you might see me there.. hehe

But seriously, this place is highly recommended as the food quality is superb with affordable price. Most of the set meal started from RM15.

p/s: Sorry for the photo quality as it was taken under low light.

"Sai Yong" – A Food Must Try In Hong Kong

After watching the TVB series, “You’re Hired”, I was a little bit obsessed with this mini wantan noodle which is called as “??” (Sai Yong) by the local people here at Hong Kong.

So when I was traveling to Hong Kong lately for working, I took the opportunity to try it out. This restaurant was located at Jordan, near to the MTR station exit. (Next to the Australia Dairy Co.)

The menu, I can’t read a single word!! Sigh..

So what so special about this “Sai Yong”?

It is SMALL!!

Haha, yes, it is very small indeed. Can finish in few bites.

Actually the special thing about it is the thing hidden under the noodle.

Let see what it is?

The treasure underneath the noodle is the superb fresh shrimp wantans.
It was so juicy and fresh!!

Beside that, ‘Sai Yong’ is served in a very unique way.
First, they place the spoon at the bottom of the bowl.
Then on top of the spoon, they put the shrimp wantans
After that, the noodle is put on top of everything. Finally, the soup will be poured on top of the noodle.

This way, the noodle will be not be overcooked inside the hot soup. ^_^

This is what I heard from the TVB series actually. Haha.

Below is the best I can do with my drawing on how it look like. Lolz
Hope you know what I draw.

Conclusion, it worth a try if you ever come to Hong Kong.
But of course don’t purposely fly to Hong Kong for this, then it not worth it. Hehe

The secret behind St. Paul’s Church @ Macau

Today I’m going to reveal the secret behind the St. Paul’s Church at Macau.

St. Paul’s Church was so famous until there is a said that if you don’t visit the St. Paul’s, then you haven’t been to Macau.

Ok. Let’s go.

Let us look at the hidden map. Hmm. Which way should I follow?

First, I had to walk through this small alley between those nicely build ancient building.

Then the alley become smaller and smaller with more and more people.
What these people doing here? No need to work ah?

After 15 minutes of walk, I finally reach here.
Voila!! The St.Paul’s church!

Too far away?
Let get a closer look of it.

Let me walk closer a bit more.
What I can said is the Church was really nicely build with the knowledge and technology they have back in 1602.

Let us turn around and look back down!
Wah!! So many people taking photo!

I’m going to bring you to the side of the Church and see what we have there?

From different angle..

Ok ok.. nothing much here.

It is time to go in and see what is the secret behind the St. Paul’s Church.

It is EMPTY!!


Haha, just kidding.
Actually this Church had suffered from 3 different fire accidents. The last one was on 1st January 1835 and the whole church was almost razed to the ground except the front wall which is the one we looking at now.

This wall that survived from the fire were 27 meters tall, 23.5 meters wide, and 2.7 meters thick.

27 meters doesn’t count the staircase. But this is still not the top of Macau.

Stay tuned.

Next, I’m going to bring you to the Top of Macau!!

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