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Dear all my reader,

Finally, dRaGonCiTY almost hit it bandwidth limit!!

With 2 more days to the end of the month, dRaGonCiTY still have 155MB before it exceeded it limit.

My dear friends, you all are welcome to blow it up!!

See who is the lucky guy who first see the Bandwidth Exceed Page and I will need to upgrade my hosting package next month.

Sushi Zanmai Once More

Last weekend, me and xtine went to 1U for the best movie of the year. (2012), at least I think so.

After the movie, we head off to Sushi Zanmai, near the Dragon-I restaurant at new wing.

Even that the queue was superb long for dining at Sushi Zanmai, we still decided to join the queue. Why? Don’t ask me, I also don’t know.

After more than 20 minutes of waiting, we finally manage to be seated. The weird thing is we saw there still quite a lot of vacant in the restaurant but why they want to keep people waiting outside? Think think.

Ok, move on to the food. Yum Yum

Tako Wasabi - My all time favourite…
Damage : RM 6.80

SSM Salmon - is what most people crave for in a jap restaurant
Damage : RM 13.80

Unagi Kabayaki - Xtine fav!! A must have for every dining to jap restaurant.
Damage : RM 12.80

Sukiyaki - I will not order this anymore. Not recommended at all.
Damage : RM 15.80

SSM Tako - It look nice but I think that it is not so fresh. Got 1 weird taste.
Damage : RM 13.80

Overall, I’m quite happy with the food and I am going there again..

I’m craving for a good salmon here in KL, any recommendation?

I ask my friend what is LOMO

When I was in Hong Kong, I asked my friend what is LOMO Camera?
It is something special or classic about the camera?

My friend answer me..
Increase the contrast and adjust more blue/green color channel and you will get LOMO.

I believe him and tried it out.

And this piece of *** is the outcome..

Does it look like LOMO photo? Haha

By the way, here is the definition of LOMO I found in Wiki

Lomography emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. Characteristics such as over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, “happy accidents,” and alternative film processing are often considered part of the “Lomographic Technique.

Hairy Crab For HKD 48 @ Hong Kong

During my last trip to Hong Kong last week, it was the end of the hairy crab season.
For those who don’t know what is Hairy Crab, it is actually almost the same like other types of crabs but they are hairy. Haha

Since it was only HKD48 which is around RM 23, so we decided to give it a try.

Don’t really know how it was cook but seems to be just steam it.
It is served with a rich ginger and vinegar sauce.

Hairy crab have a lot of hair on their legs and their pincers have hair as well, which is as thick as seaweed.

However the size is quite small.
Actually for these crab, we only eat the soft and creamy roe.

There are steps to open up the crab shell.
The owner of the restaurant do actually teach and demo to us how to eat the crap. ^_^

Look at the roe man!!

Here also got meat.
Need to squeeze it out as there is not much meat to eat already.

After more than 15 minutes, the session done!! This is what left behind.

Actually the cooking is quite nice, and we did order other dishes as ..

All of them are nice too.
May be it is because of the cold weather outside.
Now it had drop to 11 degree celsius.. grrr….. freezing!!

4 Big Brother – HTC Leo, BlackBerry, iPhone and Acer Android

Here are the 4 big brother of the latest mobile industry

  1. BlackBerry Bold
  2. Acer A1 Android
  3. HTC Leo (Window Mobile)
  4. Apple iPhone

Who is going to beat who?

Which one is the perfect phone and which one is for loser?

Let’s see..

First, let us see the Blackberry Bold.

What’s a BlackBerry without email?
Just like other BlackBerry, it has the push email services and instant messaging that get you connected 24×7.

With it 480×320 screen, it is more than enough for our browsing and any application usage. Including playing videos.

Blackberry is all about it keyboard. So no touch screen. I accidentally forgot and touch the screen. Crap!

But carrying a Blackberry will make you look more professional!!

Next let us see Acer A1 Android.

Acer A1 Android is using Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz chipset with Android OS.
One thing for sure is the speed and smoothness. It was superb!!

And the size is just fit in nicely. It is good to hold using one hand.
Touch screen was also very responsive. Amazing.

Another plus point is the 5 mega-pixel camera.
Conclusion is, worth to buy.

Ok, now HTC LEO.

Basically it is just another Windows Mobile 6.5 smart phone which mean lagging.
It has a super huge screen, 4.3″ capacitive touchscreen display with 480 x 800 pixels.

With 1230mAh battery, it can’t last long for sure and this is one of the drawback

And it just a bit too big for a modern mobile phone!!

Lastly and finally the Apple iPhone,

This phone is really an outdated and overprice device.
First of all, it doesn’t have any selling point. Long time ago, it enter the mobile market with it touch screen. But now 60% of new device are touch screen enable.

No GPS, low res camera and build-in memory card. All these are huge drawback!!

So conclusion,
We can throw iPhone in to rubbish bin.

I already throw mine!!
What are you waiting for?

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