Vitasoy , the best ads in HongKong

Yeah, this is the best advertisement I watched so far at Hong Kong.

It show everyday on TV until the song keep playing in my head!!
So end up, I go and buy one pack of Vitasoy.
It is a Soya Bean Milk.

So small!!!

But quite nice. Wonder do they sell this here?
p/s: This is the first time I buy something after seem the ads on TV. Haha.

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8 Responses to “Vitasoy , the best ads in HongKong”

  1. Superman Says:

    Maybe you can take the agency back and sell it in Malaysia.

  2. Dragon City Says:

    Hmm. can consider it. = )

  3. Tony Wan Says:

    Very good ads. But seems din related to a soya drink LOL.

  4. Dragon City Says:

    Haha.. yalor.
    But the song is nice. = )

  5. tedlive Says:

    Catchy ad! love it..but the soya milk a bit too small.. i 'borrow' it to share with ym friends on my fb ;-)

  6. Dragon City Says:

    glad you like it..haha
    Sure. nps. it is not mine. = )

  7. Eric Lee Says:

    nowadays everything is getting smaller…apparently smaller means better ma…smaller hp, better function and more expensive, smaller mp3 more expensive, smaller vitasoy may be can taste like 10 packs of it lol..

  8. Dragon City Says:

    Eric Lee,
    Haha. Even our Malaysian Ringgit also getting smaller already right.

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