Pimp My Broadband – Ah Tung’s Movie

A humble production from dRaGonCiTY

Actually I was thinking of putting more action like bombing, car drifting and kungfu fighting.

But end up, the movie was put in a very simple way because:

  • I know your current broadband cannot stream those heavy stuff. It will take ages.
  • I know that WORDS is more than enough to express our feeling on the current broadband quality
  • I’m late to work. I need to submit this video fast!!

And last but not least, is DiGi really a smarter choice? We will found out soon.

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Pimp My Broadband – Change our lifestyle

When my net friend from oversea ask me what is the lifestyle in Malaysia, I always answer,

Malaysian already get use to the ‘3 WAIT‘ in their lifestyle which are
1. Wait for public transport (Like waiting forever for it to come)
2. Wait in the traffic jam (Like waiting forever for it to go)
3. Wait for good internet connection (Like waiting forever for a page to load)

But now, we have DiGi Broadband.
Please pimp our broadband and change the Malaysian people lifestyle.

At least in the future, I can proudly said we, Malaysian only have ‘2 WAIT’.

And make the Christmas come earlier!!

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Renew your license @ clinic ?

Below is the list for “express patient” at one of the clinic near my place.

Try to read through it carefully

Found anything special?


JPJ License Renewal.. Haha

In case the government office is closed on weekend, now you can pay your JPJ license at clinic. Cool right? = )

Giant HTC @ Midvalley

This is the Giant HTC Touch Diamond 2 at Midvalley.

And it is actually respond to each of your touch!! It’s real and in Giant Size.
I spend sometime playing with it. Even that I don’t like Window Mobile but because it is in Giant size, I was some how attracted.

Not bad at all..

Then I walk to Garden and found that iPhone also doing some promotion.

Guess what, they have a Giant iPhone too…

But too bad it is FAKE, just a LCD showing some slide show.
This is what we said iPhone.. iDiot!

Symbian Rule!!

p/s: iPhone lover, no hard feeling yah. Hehe

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