Me and A Tree From HongKong

This is one of a special tree that I found at Hong Kong.

This tree can TALK !!!

Wow, how cool is that man. Whenever you put your hand near to it, it will talk.

I was happily put my hand inside the holes around the tree…
UNTIL I found out this!!

Damn, it was a trash bin… CRAP!!!

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6 Responses to “Me and A Tree From HongKong”

  1. KwOnG FeI Says:

    very interesting tree…
    never seen it be4 till u post it..
    wonder wats the capacity of this recycle bin aka tree

  2. Superman Says:

    Haha. Very funny. They should put the sign in front and back.

  3. C.Alv.B Says:

    Hahahaa… lol!! what a day..

  4. Dragon City Says:

    Kwong Fei, haha, I believe it is still a trash bin only.

    Superman, yalor, if not might got *someone* put the head inside. Haha. You know who you are!!

    C.Alv.B, ^_^

  5. Jessen Says:

    Cutest trash bin ever lo…. Someone actually took pic happily with a trash bin :p

  6. Dragon City Says:

    Haha… Cutest + Talking!!

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