Namewee "tiu" sama TNB – Syok!!

He did it again!

He sound out his opinion (or should I said anger) loud!

I’m not sure you guys had watch this video before or not.
But if you haven’t watch it, then you can spend 5 minutes to watch it here. Worth it.

So how? Feel syok right?

Well, even that I personally think that he is too extreme but it really felt good watching him “fuck” the lazy TNB personnel.

However, I still think Namewee need not to be so extreme. Me myself is a technical guy, so I understand that sometime things goes wrong and we need time to solve it.

On the other hand, Namewee is absolutely right about the stupid attitude of the TNB staff. That fellow who ‘makan pisang’ in the video is totally useless and unprofessional. Crap!

The story haven’t finish here. I still remember yesterday night, we all laugh so loud when I show this video to my colleagues in the office.

And guess what happen today?

TNB module failure around Jalan Sultan Ismail!! For more than 3 hours.
Which caused me to walk down from 36th floor. Tiu Nia Bu!

Long long queue of people waiting for the only lift(BOMBA) because of the TNB failure.

Should I go to TNB too?

Something to read :
Budget 2010 doesn’t benefit me at all. Crap!

Vitasoy , the best ads in HongKong

Yeah, this is the best advertisement I watched so far at Hong Kong.

It show everyday on TV until the song keep playing in my head!!
So end up, I go and buy one pack of Vitasoy.
It is a Soya Bean Milk.

So small!!!

But quite nice. Wonder do they sell this here?
p/s: This is the first time I buy something after seem the ads on TV. Haha.

Budget 2010 doesn’t benefit me. Crap

When the Budget 2010 released, I was OMG!!
For me, it is like purposely design to suck my money!!

Let see why..

  1. A SERVICE tax of RM50 will be imposed on each principal credit card every year beginning Jan 2010. Crap, I have 4 credit card which mean I need to paid extra RM200 per year.
  2. Income Tax Reduction from 27% to 26% for income above RM 100, 000. Craps again. See, my income is less than RM100, 000, so I don’t get the reduction!! Why the range is set for higher income people? The rich get richer and I’m getting poorer.
  3. Allocation of RM1bil for the police to enhance their efficiency. No offend to PDRM, but I don’t think money can increase the quality of our police. The main problem is the attitude and commitment towards their jobs. And where is this RM1bil come from? From US the citizen!!
  4. Allocation of budget to build covered walkway linking LRT stations to nearby activity centres. Great, this is another chance for corruption.
  5. Tax on the Disposal of Real Property. Which means, government going to TAX us if you going to sell your house! Crap, I’m in the midst of planning to selling my house. Why?!!
  6. Individual Tax Relief for Broadband subscription up to RM500. Hmm, does this applied for TELEKOM TM Streamyx only? I’m planning of switching to mobile broadband, can get the tax relief also?

See most of the good point are not applicable for me but the negative points, I meet the criteria!

Maybe 2010 is not a good year for me then.

For more information of Budget 2010 Proposal, you can refer to Budget 2010 Proposal

Maybe it is time to potong, potong, potong.

Potong Credit Card. ^_^

Why I like Project Alpha

As you all might know already, Project Alpha is the First Online TV Show about Malaysia’s top bloggers.

Why I like Project Alpha?

  1. I like Project Alpha because it is hosted by the hot & sexy Jojo Struys.
  2. I like Project Alpha because of its opening/theme song Crazy. Love it!
  3. I like Project Alpha because it features 2 of my fav blogger which is Kenny and Sixthseal.
  4. I like Project Alpha because it is brought by Nuffnang (My money source..haha) and Adidas (My favourite brand)
  5. I like Project Alpha because it all the episodes is in short videos and been done in an interesting way. Won’t feel my time wasted.

Actually I wish to join the Adidas Action 3 contest. But too bad I don’t have Adidas Action 3 Deodorant..

I only have this dirty and smelly Adidas shoes..

So I hope I can win the weekly contest, so that I can get an Adidas Action 3 Deodorant to join for the Adidas contest, lolz… ^_^

If you want to know more about Project Alpha, follow it here at Nuffnang

Me and A Tree From HongKong

This is one of a special tree that I found at Hong Kong.

This tree can TALK !!!

Wow, how cool is that man. Whenever you put your hand near to it, it will talk.

I was happily put my hand inside the holes around the tree…
UNTIL I found out this!!

Damn, it was a trash bin… CRAP!!!

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