????? (minced pork filling bun)

Just not so far away from the Gong Cha @ Dundas Street, there is one of the recommended store to buy traditional chinese bun which normally people called it “sao ping“.

It only cost you HKD 10. And it is actually quite big.

Plus point is the filling is soft and very juicy…

Combination of drinking the Gong Cha icy milk tea and this pork bun is GREAT!!

p/s: This is one of the HK foods that I found nice. Others only so-so or sucks.

QQ Taufu @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Today I’m going to bring you guys to Bandar Puteri Puchong for steamboat dinner.
Here is it, the Restoran BB HO Steamboat.

The soup based was quite tasty. There only have 1 choice of soup based, unlike others steamboat restaurant.

The minimum ordered is standard set for 2 pax. Quite a lot actually.

The sauce was standard only. Nothing to shout about.

Actually the whole meal is consider OK only. Not really very nice.
But if OK only, why I’m here?

Because they serve one thing, which is xtine all time favourite.

She loves it so much. Sometime I think that she loves it more than me. = )

Here is it!!

This is called as “QQ Taufu”. (Fried bean curd)

The taufu is good enough to eat like that. But you can also dip it in to the soup as well.

Shit, I should not blog about this now. Damn hungry…

This is my transport in HongKong

Yes, no lie. This is the luxury transport I used during my business trip in HongKong.

Cool right?

Don’t believe it?

Why not?

The transport I used was the red color taxi beside this yellow lambo. = ))

Gong Cha @ Dundas Street

Gong Cha is one of the famous stall selling HongKong style milk tea.
I’m not sure they have any branches or not but the one that I’d visited located at Dundas Street, MongKok.

Because they are so famous, I need to take number and wait for my drinks.
I ordered a normal ice milk tea which cost me HKD10.

While waiting, I took some photo of how they preparing the milk tea.

And finally I got my HongKong style milk tea.

How was it taste?
Hmm, don’t wanna tell you. Haha

Okok, it is actually very GOOD!! I also don’t know how to explain. But it is nice. Worth a try.

Please do not put in $, otherwise I will Sing

Yes. This is the motto for this creative street performer at MongKok.

At normal time, he just stand still and doesn’t move an inch.
But once you put in money, he will sing out loud and move around!! Damn funny

And after a singing for around 10-20 seconds, he will stop and do nothing again. Hahaha.

This fellow actually have a partner, but this partner doesn’t come everyday.

And she also not as good as the guy. The guy got more interaction and is more funny.

I do capture some video here for you guys. Enjoy!!

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