What Happen If You Need Help In Car Park?

If you need any help in mall parking lots, you should start looking for this!!

Cannot see? Too small?

Lets go closer a bit..

So if you ever get lost, cannot find your car, you can spot this and press the button. And remember to let me know what happen next coz I’m curious whether the button is working or not. = p

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4 Responses to “What Happen If You Need Help In Car Park?”

  1. Superman Says:

    Get lost also emergency? Hehe. I hope the emergency contact will not be abused by the users.

  2. Dragon City Says:

    Superman, haha.. I'm really curious lar. Hope I can control myself not to press it. = p

  3. kenwooi Says:

    i think that is to prevent any crime.. =P


  4. Dragon City Says:

    maybe the objective is to prevent crime, but it might cause another crime.. = p

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