where I’d been missing?

This blog has not been updated since the last 2 weeks. Why?
Because I’d been ship to HongKong for some work.

But now I’m back!! Stay tune for more update from HK.

my workspace in HK for the past 2 weeks.

Why I end up here?

Why I end up here?
Me in cooking class with full of aunties. = )

Actually this cooking session is organized by Cadware Sdn Bhd. Cadware (CW) is a company that produce kitchen appliances. I went there with xtine, my mom-in-law and xtine’s god-mom during our trip back to Kuala Kangsar.

This chef is from Syuen Hotel Ipoh. Cadware invited him to demonstrate 3 dishes using the Cadware products. What a marketing strategy!!

So many aunties helping up the handsome chef. Hehe..

And still again, what I’m doing here?
Of course for the free food!! But too bad the portion is too little as need to share with all the people there. = (

p/s: Sorry for the poor quality of photo.

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