My New Toy is a Bread

Yes, my new toy is a bread. A fake one. ^_^

It is actually a fake breads made of polystyrenes (PU) and air-brushed with layers of paints. They look so real and felt so real as well.

Each bread suppose to have smell as well. I bought original one, Breadou .

But too bad, I don’t know why mine doesn’t have smell at all!!
My colleagues said I bought a fake one. Crap.

I put it at my desk in office and I bring it around in the office. Nice toy to squeeze….
And I hope it’s still in good shape when I’m back from HK.
p/s: mcheo, please don’t touch my bread

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7 Responses to “My New Toy is a Bread”

  1. tiffanyk. Says:

    AHAHA. It looks adorable. Actually, it looks sorta funny, considering the facial expression's like.. o_o

  2. EVo Says:

    Ahahhaa i see so many of this around…some look BLOODY real xD

  3. Dragon City Says:

    tiffanyk, yeah…i like the facial expression..look so "hor lin"..

    EVo, not only that, some smell damn real…feel like eating them!!

  4. Superman Says:

    they make it really look like a real bread. I saw one of my relative had the same as yours. She bought it from Singapore. Can trick people with it.

  5. Dragon City Says:

    Superman, same as!! Yeah, really can trick ppl if got smell..

  6. yoon see Says:

    Sure cute!

  7. Dragon City Says:

    Yoon See, everyone also said like that…hehe

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