1001 Faces Of Malaysia

What is this 1001 faces of Malaysia?
Actually, it is an idea of Artist, S.Amin Shahab trying to sketch 1001 faces of Malaysian before 31 August 2009 to represent our country during the Merdeka day.

This event take place at Sunway Shopping Complex started from 10am to 10pm.

The sketch will be done on a 1 kilometer canvas. So if you want your face to be among the 1001, faster go to Sunway!!

I still remember about Merdeka Man few years back. I blogged about him and just happen to find out that he is my colleague ex-schoolmate. He had really made it happen. Well Done.

This year I won’t be home to celebrate our Independece Day as I will be shipped out to HK again soon. So here, I wish all Malaysians, “Selamat Hari Merdeka”!!

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8 Responses to “1001 Faces Of Malaysia”

  1. kenwooi Says:

    only 1001 faces? i thought malaysia's population has MORE than that number! haha.. anyway it's a nice effort =)


  2. Neo Says:

    So, can I find your face on the 1 kilometer canvas?

  3. Dragon City Says:

    Kenwooi, fast2 go and put ur face there…

    Neo, nope… my face copyrighted one..keke

  4. yoon see Says:

    HaHa..I saw the exhibition already, took pictures and will share in the blog later.
    You are first to share:)

  5. Dragon City Says:

    Yoon See, cool, looking forward to read yours. Do you join the 1001 faces?

  6. yoon see Says:

    Thanks but I have too many outstanding posts to post!
    No, not yet!
    May be next time…

  7. Ariff Suffian Zainal ? Says:

    Wow that's really cool. I want my face there!

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