What Happen If You Need Help In Car Park?

If you need any help in mall parking lots, you should start looking for this!!

Cannot see? Too small?

Lets go closer a bit..

So if you ever get lost, cannot find your car, you can spot this and press the button. And remember to let me know what happen next coz I’m curious whether the button is working or not. = p

MidValley Famous Grill Seafood

I’d been visiting this Portuguese style grill seafood at MidValley Food Court since many years back.
I also lost count how many years already but 1 thing I can remember for sure is the quality never change!

They have more than 40++ combinations and choices of grill seafood.

This is how they grill the best Grill Fish in town!! (At least I think so..)
They mark the timing on the aluminium-fold so that they know which one is ready to serve. = )

It is not as spicy compare to the PetalingStreet grill fish but I still prefer this one..because it is cheaper. haha. Nolar, actually it really taste nicer.

Grill La-La (clams) … Hu hu hu…Yummy!!

Xtine ordered a grill pari (sting ray), my favorite as well..Delicious

How about you? Where is your favorite grill fish?

My New Toy is a Bread

Yes, my new toy is a bread. A fake one. ^_^

It is actually a fake breads made of polystyrenes (PU) and air-brushed with layers of paints. They look so real and felt so real as well.

Each bread suppose to have smell as well. I bought original one, Breadou .

But too bad, I don’t know why mine doesn’t have smell at all!!
My colleagues said I bought a fake one. Crap.

I put it at my desk in office and I bring it around in the office. Nice toy to squeeze….
And I hope it’s still in good shape when I’m back from HK.
p/s: mcheo, please don’t touch my bread

1001 Faces Of Malaysia

What is this 1001 faces of Malaysia?
Actually, it is an idea of Artist, S.Amin Shahab trying to sketch 1001 faces of Malaysian before 31 August 2009 to represent our country during the Merdeka day.

This event take place at Sunway Shopping Complex started from 10am to 10pm.

The sketch will be done on a 1 kilometer canvas. So if you want your face to be among the 1001, faster go to Sunway!!

I still remember about Merdeka Man few years back. I blogged about him and just happen to find out that he is my colleague ex-schoolmate. He had really made it happen. Well Done.

This year I won’t be home to celebrate our Independece Day as I will be shipped out to HK again soon. So here, I wish all Malaysians, “Selamat Hari Merdeka”!!

7-11 for the first day [HongKong]

On my first day at HongKong, it was Strong Wind Signal No. 8!!
Damn bad luck. And I haven’t had my dinner yet. So I quickly go to the 7-11 convenience store nearby my hotel.

But 7-11 in HongKong is so different from the one we have in Malaysia.
The variety microwavable food ranging from Dim Sum to Rice or Steak. Without thinking much, I grab 3 packet of food and heat it up in the microwave provided.

Here is my nice dinner…

The food look so nice!! And it taste great!!

Ok. I lied. The food sucks!!
Especially the Siu Mai, feel like eating plastic. =.=”
End up, I didn’t finish the food.

[To be continue.. Trip to Lamma Island]

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