Sarawak Laksa @ Taman Megah

My colleague Sim told me about this place which have nice original Sarawak Laksa from Kuching. My first attempt to taste it was failed as the shop was closed on Sunday evening as there was Pasar Malam near by.

I went there again with xtine last week, this time we managed to try the Laksa and Tomato Fried Kuey Teow.

The Laksa was 99% identical to Sarawak Laksa and I would proudly recommend this stall to all other Sarawakian who are craving for a bowl of home town laksa here in KL.

As for the Tomato Fried Kuey Teow, it was nice but not great. However it still bring me the taste of Sarawak noodle.

I chatted with the owner and he said that they were also selling Sarawak Fuchow Fried Noodle, wow, I must come back and try this next time. It was one of my favourite noodle back in Sarawak.

Interested? The stall is actually located inside the Restoran Megah Good Luck. It is behind the Fatty Crab restaurant.

This is the stall, they have more choices but didn’t listed in the menu, you just need to ask. = )

Huhu…damn hungry now…

Putrajaya Sailing Week 2009

Few weeks back, we went to Putrajaya to witness the Sailing Week of year 2009 at the Presint 6, Water Sports Complex , Putrajaya.

There was 30 teams with 11 international teams joining for this event.

They even hire a group of singer to spice up the event. Frankly said this local band is actually quite good.

Group of the participant who join the RC Sailing…look quite fun controlling their boat from far.
= p

Free Food?!! Not for us. It is for the participant only. = (

Repairing their boat or adjusting the alignment, just like our car. Hehe.

I managed to have a small talk with one of the participant. And I found that this RC Sailing was actually quite an expensive hobby. Starter package which include the boat and some basic stuff would cost you RM 2000.

I found that it was actually quite fun hobby. It just like car modification, we can modify our RC boat to fit the weather condition as well as our own preferences. May be one day I will get one of these. = )

Now back to the real thing. This is the real sail boat, which is for kids. The size is smaller.

This AngMo kid also come here to join the event. No need to study ah? = p

Beside that, there were sailor/boat from Portugal too.

And you can see, it is actually not that easy to sail the boat. There was so many rope and control point in the boat. Wow…

Everyone is preparing to go home as the race had finished.

Bye bye

Dried Fried Kuey Teow with Raw Egg on Top.

I still remember around 6 years back, Jenny brought me to this stall at Medan Selera PJ Old Town for a nice dried fried kuey teow. The special thing about this place is after the fried kuey teow is ready, they will crack a raw egg on top of it.

The egg on top do the magic. It made the noodles super slippery smooth. Beside that the egg fragrant will get into the noodle as well.

I can tell you, this is the best place to have “Yuek Kwong Hor” that I had ever tried. Until today I’m still visiting the stall once a while when I went to PJ with Xtine.

It is located at Stall No.8 , Medan Selera PJ Old Town. Just opposite the LCMS Church.

p/s: Jenny, I bet US doesn’t have such nice noodles right? Haha

Disappointed Bon Odori 2009

It was my first Bon Odori visit and I felt disappointed with it. I didn’t said that it is a failure event but just that it happen that I don’t really enjoying it.

First of all, it started with LOST in SHAH ALAM. We were lost in Shah Alam as we thought that it was held in Stadium Shah Alam. My fault. I forgot to charge my phone so we doesn’t have any GPS nagivation. = (

After a few call to my friends, I manage to find the place.

It was already crowded when we reach there. Good sign. Means everyone is coming to enjoying themselves.

Random shot, balloon is everywhere..

Since it was almost dinner time and the main reason we come here is for the Japanese Food!! So we go around to find for food.

We managed to get a bowl of curry fish ball. Look nice right? But it doesn’t taste nice. Believe me!! = (

Most of the foods stall there are selling those *normal* or *not so nice* food that they unable to sell during normal days. Very disappointed. We thought we can find something special

This uncle is shouting “Lima Ringgit, lima ringgit”.

It was so crowded… Not sure they enjoying the food or not?

Pity this guy, it was so hot and stuffy but he still need to WORK.

See this? They have the Sushi King setup in the open air area. The conveyor belt is there as well. = )

I’m smiling not because the sushi is nice. I tell you. It is NOT nice!!

And lastly the stage!

Bye Bye Bon Odori from ME

Our Desserts Your Honeymoon

Our Desserts Your Honeymoon, this is the motto for the Honeymoon Dessert Cafe.

Last weekend, we went to Sunway Shopping Mall for window shopping and when we try to find a place to take a break, we come to this Honeymoon Dessert Cafe.

We were attracted to the menu photo, all the dessert look so tempting and promising.
Since I was very thirsty, I need something very icy, so I ordered a Coconut Milk Icy Swallow.

It look so icy and nice!! BUT too bad it not cold enough… = (

Xtine still thinking of what to eat.. ^_^ .. ?????

She finally get herself a Mango Cream With Sago and Pamelo.

This one taste better than mine. So end up I switch with her. Hahaha.
But also not cold enough.

Since this is a big drawback, I fill in my feedback to them and hope that they can improve it.

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