I won’t be going back to SilkRoad

I won’t be going back to Silk Road Restaurant again. The food is totally overpriced and overrated compare to its quality.

As usual, Wednesday is our movie day at Pavilian, so we went for dinner at Silk Road Restaurant at Level 6.

We ordered a Cod with Beancurd soup which cost us RM 14.00 and this is what we get.

No taste – Really !!

Beside that, we also get ourself a slice pork with garlic source as appetizer.
Not sure whether it is our taste bud problem or the pork really got problem. It taste really weird and cost us RM 12.00

Taste Damn Weird – Really !!

On top of that, we also ordered a Two-Cook Slice Pork, yeah, pork again.
The taste was OK. Consider pass but nothing great. The price is RM 18.00


But this slice pork suppose to be eat together with these two buns which served at the wrong time, when we almost finish the pork. Each of them cost us RM 2.00

And last, the white cabbage also no taste. Another RM 16.00 wasted.

One more thing, the serving time was too long. There are only 2 tables of customer but it took so damn long for the dishes to be served.

I won’t be going back to Silk Road again for sure.

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