How Starbucks Saved My Life

Yes. I’d finally bought this book !!
Been thinking about it for quite some times.

Last weekend, I went to MPH in The Curve with James and Xtine.
I’d finally made up my mind and bring it back home with me.

The story is about a 63 years old guy who work so hard for more than 30 years which finally paid off. He had everything but then, everything going so wrong until he lost everything during his older age. Career, family and confident! All gone.

Then, he gain his life back when he is working at Starbucks as barista which he calls the best job he’s ever had.

The writing is simple which is suitable for me to improve my English. hehe

Juice Works @ Curve

Since James was in KL, I brought him to The Curve as he is a big fan of book store!!
Well, we have Borders and MPH in The Curve, he can spend plenty of his time and money there. Hehe.

Ok. Back to topic. On our way to Ikano from the Curve, we saw this Juice Works and decided to give it a try.

Word on the road saying that they have the best fruit juices in town. Really?

They are offering free testing. So kind of them. The staff are very nice and friendly as well.

JuiceWorks come out with 8 categories of drinks (if I’m not mistaken) which I only remember some like Detox Juice, Fruity Blends and Wheatgrass.

Talking about Wheatgrass, here is the fresh wheatgrass that they are going to use to make the mixture of the drinks.

Based on WIKI, Wheatgrass is sprouted from Read Wheatberry and contains 70% Chlorophyll. Wheatgrass juice contains all the vitamins, mineral which are needed to cleanse and detoxify our blood and liver.

The staff making our drinks…. look promising..


I’m sure that I will come again. Better than taking Mocha at Starbuck.

Me, Xtine, Paradise Country Farm and Gold Coast

Yes, it is me and Christine at the Paradise Country Farm on our first visit to Gold Coast. It was a memorable visit as the place was so nice and the weather is chill during winter season.

Wah, Koala!! But what is he doing there?

And only during the trip, I found out that Kangaroo is a lazy bump!! They doesn’t really want to move at all. Just waiting for you to feed them.

He is not moving even that I pull his ear!!

Beside the Kangaroo and Koala, the farm have quite a lot of other adorable animals.

3 little piggy. So cute… But still smelly.

I want your fur!!

Ohh. Chicken RUN !! Hehe

Here is the Mr.Billy demonstrate to us on how to make a good tea.

Me enjoying the hot tea and bread. The tea really taste good.

They are using this dog to chase the sheep back to the house.

Milk Production !! Felt a bit weird.

WAIT. The title is me, xtine, country farm and gold coast. But where is Xtine?

Here is she with her little baby sheep. = )

Meja Tempat Letak Kereta ?

“Meja Tempat Letak Kereta” which means Table at Car Park .
A well known problem of our MAMAK stall is that their are doing business without taking consideration of the public safety. They will use up the parking lot available to put their table and chair.

This is illegal and MPSJ will take action if they are not paid well(under table).

But now, they already made it legal.
MPSJ had come out with this new license called “Meja Tempat Letak Kereta”. WTF!!

I really don’t know how can MPSJ approved this kind of license.
It is so dangerous to place the table and chair at the parking lot in the middle of the road.
Maybe all they think is $$$.

Me and My Bent?

Lately Christine was preparing Bent? set for me to bring to office as my tea time snack.

Bent? is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. It can be anything from rice to fruits.

This is my Bent? for last week.

MONDAY (Sandwich, orange and eggs)

TUESDAY (Vegetable with meats, mushroom and apple)

WEDNESDAY (Sweet corn, sandwich and mushroom)

THURSDAY (It is a dumpling as that day is Duan Wu festival)

FRIDAY (Sweet corn, sausage and nugget)

In order to prepare the Bent?, she had to woke up much more earlier everyday. Pity her.

Dear, I love you so much and thanks for the Bent?. ^_^

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