AOWA Roadshow – Be careful – They cheat!!

Yesterday I was damn pissed off. I was spending some quality time with my family at Jusco Equine Park until I meet this stupid @sshole promoter from cheater AOWA road show.

AOWA is a new brand (lousy one) so they are doing road show to bring up their brand. To attract people, they “cheated” people like me by saying that there is FREE GIFT when we join the PHOTO HUNT contest as shown below:

This particular promoter, introduce herself as Christina, approach me and my parents. Politely we spent some time to join the photo hunt as well as fill in some forms. We know that it was the tactic while you filling up the form, they will introduce/promote the product that they are selling. It’s OK with me actually.

BUT this particular Christina, don’t even show some effort in introducing the product. She keep talk about her grandmother story, asking about my grandfather story, summary, she talk cock!! Damn annoying.. Beh Tahan.

Since I’m not happy with her attitude already, I plan to leave. I ask for the free gift that she promised earlier but she give a lot of excuses and don’t plan to give it to me. She kept me waiting for so long but then she start to serve other people. End up, I don’t get anything.

I had wrote a complaint email to their management but there is no action taken so far. I think this AOWA brand will go down the drain very soon if continue like this.

I’m damn pissed off!! THIS IS THE BASTARD!! She try to run away when I try to take her photo.

Teamwork means Less Me and More We

Passed by the Giordano outlet at The Curve, something catch my attention.
It’s not the 50% Sales and also not the “3 for 2″ offer. It was something more.

This one !!

I like the wording so much even the gold color was a bit overdo…

And because of the promotion “Buy 2 for RM50″, I had to choose another shirt which is so GREEN GREEN. SAVE THE FOREST!!

Another RM50 gone with additional shirts in the wardrobe. =.=”

Fall In Love Once More

It’s all my fault!!

I think I had fall in love once more but not with Christine.
I met her few weeks after Chinese New Year 2009.

She got my attention the first time I saw her.

She was petite, cute and sweet.
For me, she is unique and special, I can’t stop myself from loving her.

I knew that this is wrong. But I still can’t stop myself thinking of her.
I knew I have sinned and deserve God’s judgment. But I do not wish release.
Each day, my love for her has grown stronger and stronger.
Her present give me the motivation to move forward.

I thinking of her each morning and dream of her each night

I had paid more attention to her lately and I think Christine notice about it.
But I can’t control myself. I’m weak.
I don’t know how to tell Christine about this.
What should I do about this? I’m so depressed now.
I’m a married man but I had fall in love again.

Terminate Domino’s Pizza

Terminate Domino’s Pizza – Terminator Salvation package.

Last Sunday, we spend the whole day cleaning the house. It was so dirty!! BEH TAHAN!!

End up we called for Domino delivery as we were too tired to grab any dinner outside.

We ordered a crunchy thin crust Meat Mania pizza.

Chicken Lasagna… one of my favourites choice from Domino.

And this is for NEO!! Chicken Wingz..Yummy!! Haha

Beside that, we also add a GARLIC CHEESE ONION RINGS.

And because we are still in the middle of cleaning up the living room, so we dine in the bedroom. On the floor of course.

Overall the meal were satisfied and another best thing is I get a FREE PIZZA in my next order.

They give me this because the delivery was not made in 30 minutes based on the “Terminate Your Hunger in 30 minutes” campaign. Cool.

Breathe Right Doesn’t Work For Me

While catching some quality time with Jamas and Jimmy at my house, I saw something on Jimmy table. “Breathe Right” which is belong to James.

It stated there that it can improve air-flow by 31%. Wow.. just like my car HKS Air -Intake. Haha.

Beside that, it suppose to reduce snoring.

Out of curiosity, I took a piece of it. Nasal strips.

I think I’m going to test it tonight, see whether it can really increase my nose air-flow and fix the “old motorbike” problem.

But seems to be it doesn’t really work for me.
I had nose blocked on the second day. Crap!!

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