Meja Tempat Letak Kereta ?

“Meja Tempat Letak Kereta” which means Table at Car Park .
A well known problem of our MAMAK stall is that their are doing business without taking consideration of the public safety. They will use up the parking lot available to put their table and chair.

This is illegal and MPSJ will take action if they are not paid well(under table).

But now, they already made it legal.
MPSJ had come out with this new license called “Meja Tempat Letak Kereta”. WTF!!

I really don’t know how can MPSJ approved this kind of license.
It is so dangerous to place the table and chair at the parking lot in the middle of the road.
Maybe all they think is $$$.

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9 Responses to “Meja Tempat Letak Kereta ?”

  1. Neo Says:

    MPSJ can collect a lot license $ I guess?

  2. Superman Says:

    That's really funny. What on earth is the MPSJ thinking now? Like you said, maybe what they had in mind is all $$$. Really jokes of the year! Only can find in Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh!

  3. wong Says:

    It is out for years already. I heard that one table cost RM30 per year, so you count how many table outside that's how much they're paying. The car park is property of MPSJ, what to do…

  4. wayeyoung Says:

    Wahhh. Din't know about this.

  5. Dragon City Says:

    Neo, yeah, that's what I think too.

    Superman, haha… Malaysia always have this kind of funny stuff one.

    Wong, Oh is it? I'm a bit outdated. Haha. Just saw that last week. = p
    But RM30 quite cheap hor.

    Wayeyoung, I also don't know. May be all these while we went to those MAMAK that didn't pay for the license..hehe

  6. d_sticks Says:

    Oddly enough….this is for a restaurant Tar Chong….and not a mamak…….so i guess…this post doesn't only apply to mamaks…

  7. Dragon City Says:

    d_sticks, yeah, it happen for both hawker center and MAMAK. = )

  8. ekoay Says:

    Remember the accident where the driver drove into mamak stall which kill some of the customer who is having supper by the road side? Their table were on the parking lot too I suppose.
    This is the reality of Malaysia… The "tidak apa" country…
    Short term profit is the only thing they can think off.. Like Dr.M says… we forget easily…

  9. Dragon City Says:

    ekoay, SS14 right?

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