Me and My Bent?

Lately Christine was preparing Bent? set for me to bring to office as my tea time snack.

Bent? is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. It can be anything from rice to fruits.

This is my Bent? for last week.

MONDAY (Sandwich, orange and eggs)

TUESDAY (Vegetable with meats, mushroom and apple)

WEDNESDAY (Sweet corn, sandwich and mushroom)

THURSDAY (It is a dumpling as that day is Duan Wu festival)

FRIDAY (Sweet corn, sausage and nugget)

In order to prepare the Bent?, she had to woke up much more earlier everyday. Pity her.

Dear, I love you so much and thanks for the Bent?. ^_^

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15 Responses to “Me and My Bent?”

  1. DC Says:

    Pretty looking! But, is it filling?

  2. Dragon City Says:

    DC, for tea time, it is still ok. = P

  3. Wye Jon Says:

    hey man… intro your wife to mine pls!!!!

  4. jen Says:

    so healthy, so hang fook, so sweet. i also hope my future half will prepare bento for me *rolleyes*

  5. Kyoru Says:

    O wow, looks healthy.

  6. Dragon City Says:

    Jon, haha, lets come out. Long time didn’t meet you guys already

    Jen, hehe, paiseh paiseh. I’m sure your future half will do anything for you. = p

    Kyoru, yalor, have to as cholesterol level very high already. ^_^

  7. Leong Says:

    if colestrol level is high, oats will help very much better.

  8. Says:

    hoho nice!
    you're making me hungry leh! =P

  9. yoon see Says:

    Wow! So delicious.
    You can open a shop for such delivery!

  10. sasa Says:

    your Bent? for the whole week is so healthy. except for the dumpling. haha.

  11. keeyit Says:

    She really put a lot of efforts on it. So lovely. You so lucky le~

  12. Neo Says:

    I want home made Bento too!!!

  13. Dragon City Says:

    Leong, yeah, I know but lazy to cooked it. = (

    Kenwooi, hehe, but you have mcD wor. = P

    Yoon See, really? Thanks.

    Sasa, you notice too!! So oily hor..

    Keeyit, I'm Lucky Man. Thanks. = )

    Neo, come come, I share sikit with you. hehe

  14. ekoay Says:

    Bro, you sure you can eat so much eggs ah. Old man already, better take care of your cholestrol level.

  15. Dragon City Says:

    ekoay, haha. Once a while still ok lar. = )

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